World of Discovery – Bikini: Forbidden Paradise

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In 1946, the USA bought the 167 citizens of Swimwear Atoll (a reef in the Marshall Islands of Micronesia) to evacuate their ancestral residence for the function of nuclear weapons screening.

Via fascinating underwater photography, uncommon historic video, and also the eyes of the survivors, you will experience the elegance as well as disaster of Swimsuit: Forbidden Heaven.

As seen on ABC. Narrated by Linda Hunt.

The WORLD OF DISCOVERY series takes you to the much edges of the world to check out the keys of nature and also wildlife, the frontiers of scientific research and also innovation, and also the engaging concerns of background and also the globe we stay in.

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Comments 52

  1. So much money wasted in these bombings and they can’t give the locals
    prosperity? I mean they destroyed the entire ecosystem working on bombs to
    intimidate and kill other humans…. I don’t know how people can be proud
    of being in the army

    1. I don’t judge them for what they did on my past history. but I do believe
      they wish to forget everything about even if its already on history. After
      that bomb testing.
      America growth even more stronger. Giving this country money won’t solve
      everything. My Government won’t handle it, even the people works within the
      my government leadership has been exposed to radiations’. maybe one of the
      reason this country grow a little slower.

    2. they were very proud. the sailors said it was the greatest man made
      spectacle ever seen.

    3. +leicoco ishiguro you don’t understand you can’t judge people by how we
      think now back then the world was at the brink of destruction imagine the
      fear and the horror of knowing that everything you know could be destroyed
      in a second

    1. +NadiaBeee People living in paradise basically were forced to leave for
      this. Most people dream of living in a place like this.

      I’m sure there were those that were curious to leave and see the world too,
      but I doubt they wanted to leave their home forever. They must have been in
      contact with others many times and likely had trade. Most civilizations
      have people who want to explore and travel, but they don’t abandon their

      Still a horrible thing to do to anyone. Especially after we already did it
      to Native Americans. To do it once again without learning a lesson at all
      from the first time is beyond unforgivable.

    2. hi miss nadia you are so beautiful and pretty i hope you will my message
      for you.take care always.mwua =)

  2. 2016 marks 70 years since they were forced to leave their homes and have
    yet to return. While this video will suggest that it could be possible to
    settle “within a year” of when this video took place, which was probably
    the late 1980s early 90s, this of course was nonsense.

    Now the people of Bikini Atoll that still live on Kili Island, (about 800,
    and there are over 5k Bikinians today actually. Most live in Majuro) which
    is having such awful floods on a constant basis that they may now have to
    leave once again! It’s so sickening. 🙁

    According to their website bikiniatoll com there were only 29 original
    Bikinians still alive as of March 2015. They have not updated it for 2016
    as of yet.

    Also, read about reparations and how much they got screwed around and STILL
    are getting screwed around. Read the history links.

    1. Thanks for the info the thing is that word REPARATION is not one they wanna
      here.If Africans was taking into slavery for about 400yrs and didn’t get a
      scent.These people who were forced to leave there homeland are not the
      first it’s sad though

    2. +Daniel Boynes
      I feel like only 70 years ago they could have been smarter (and less
      ethnocentric) than 400 years ago.
      Just saying.

  3. such a beautifull place destroyed for what typicle american goverment
    fucking up somebody elses land and leavin behind alot of misery pain and
    death they be lucky if they can return in 20-40 years so sad i feel for
    those people ….

    1. smh so true if they can take a nation of people and enslaved them for
      400yrs and rape,lynch,kill and lie about there history man they can do
      anything to anybody else!

  4. the atomic blasts were far more beautiful than that sandy trash you can see

    man up faggots

  5. Why can’t they move back to Bikini but still have food supplied to them? At
    least they could supplement their diets with fresh fish from the lagoon?

    1. everything on that island is contaminated even the fish get
      poison if you eat the food from that island

    2. +leon lejjena That is incorrect the radiation in the water has deteriorate,
      that means you are able to eat the fish, but you cant eat food from the

  6. This is incredibly stupid. Bloody stupid americans… this is just testing
    for killing millions of Japanese. The EUA should Pay for this enormous
    mistake! whiles this country stands at the top of global decisions, there
    will never be no peace… this is not science this is the practice of
    destruction to introduce fear and control…

    1. Your entitled to your opinion, But actually, America was neutral (Even
      though we were sending supplies to UK) until the Japanese were stupid and
      attacked us at Pearl Harbor bringing us into the war. These tests were
      carried out after the war ended,from 1946 to 1958, so no we weren’t testing
      to kill millions of Japanese as that had already happened. The 2 bombs we
      dropped on japan in 1945 were all we had at the time. If we hadn’t dropped
      those bombs, millions more Japanese and Americans would’ve been killed
      since we would’ve had to invade japan. There will also never be peace in
      the world, even though that would be nice. As long as people exist, we will
      be fighting each other. Not all Americans are stupid either, last time I
      checked ,I’m not. Your obviously the stupid one since you apparently don’t
      know anything about history.

    2. +Callsign Twinkie I see you as an American who has never had to flee from
      his home due to the threat of it being nuked. You conservative/alt right
      morons need to develop the trait of understanding. Understanding what
      people went through. There are plenty of uninhabited islands this could’ve
      been conducted on. You’re an idiot, goodbye.

    3. littlesirenboy You do realize that the democrats aren’t the party of
      understanding right? Democrats voted to keep slavery while republicans
      voted to abolish it. I bet you don’t understand what everyone goes through
      either, and i highly doubt you understand what it is like to be threatened
      by nuclear war either.

    4. +Callsign Twinkie Once again, I must educate you morons on how the party
      system worked back then. Back then, Republican and Democrat titles were
      reversed. And everyone should know what threat of nuclear war is like,
      we’ve lived it every day since the Soviets built their first bomb.

    5. littlesirenboy I do not wish to continue this argument because i don’t
      think either of us will change our opinions, but one more thing, the
      soviets first bomb was not a nuclear one…

  7. Excellent video & very well narrated. Oppenheimer was right. “I have become
    death. The destroyer of worlds.”

  8. USA needs to be taken to court for human rights violations on a grand scale
    ! What utter madness they have reaped in this world , what dumb f…ks they
    truly are !

    1. This isn’t the kind of stuff for that. As awful as it was, the US did
      supply them with land to live on, and food to live off and they are still
      getting it to this day. Does that excuse what they did? No.

    2. first it is “their” not “there” and second, hasn’t the US done same to
      their own people? OMG

    3. littlesirenboy they save us, just to destroy us, and knowledge what they
      did and feed us.

  9. Yeah but it wasn’t the 2 bombs that ended the war, it was the Russians
    coming, and the Japanese knowing that Communism would be the death of their
    Nation entirely; along with the death of their royal bloodline. If you were
    to say that the bombs ended the war, it would be indirectly, as the 2 bombs
    hurried Russia to conqueror faster than the due timeline to enter the
    battle. This is all History that you can look up and review.

  10. I don’t consider the catastrophic destruction of nature and a native
    peoples culture a thing of beauty at which to marvel. It’s stunning that
    any American could still ask the question “Why do they hate us”? If Bikini
    Atoll is not a testimony to ignorance is bliss, I don’t know what is.
    Seventy years later, Bikini’s radiation levels are still alarmingly high,
    it is uninhabitable, and will probably be that for the next thousand years
    or longer. 3600 years of indigenous civilization on the Atoll was
    vaporized, literally, and was no more. People who have visited the now
    creepy, toxic paradise say there are no birds. The native coconut crabs,
    coral and plant life are so full of radiation they’ve mutated. Everything
    else died. Tons of heavy equipment/now junk is heaped everywhere and lays
    waste all over the Atoll. All 23 nuclear “tests” done to the Marshall
    Islands were conducted AFTER the US dropped the bomb on Hiroshima and
    Nagasaki. The complete destruction and devastation of what happens during
    nuclear bomb detonations and the fallout afterwards was already well known
    and documented. But the US did this to Bikini anyway. It was the beginning
    of the atomic age, and the US wanted to flex their powerful muscles for the
    world to see. Why do they hate us? Because this country, time and time
    again, without regard to any living thing, so callously and incompetently,
    will cause obliteration that is irreparable forever.

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World of Discovery – Bikini: Forbidden Paradise

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