Why Women Do The Beauty Routines They Do

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Fashion discolors, style stays


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Comments 43

  1. I watched this to learn why women wear bikinis and inadvertently learned
    why my Uncle Steve wears high heels.

    1. dude your username is so fucking weird. And so is your profile pic. How the
      heck did you come up with it? It’s funny and awesome though.

    1. +Aya Obaid Same problem here, I’m a Christian from India, you can see why I
      can’t, although I don’t think my mom minds too much.

  2. I stopped shaving, completely. Oh, I’m a chick. To my surprise, not shaving
    is pretty not that crazy. Most people don’t even believe that I don’t
    shave, and feel my legs, and still don’t believe me. But then I lift up my
    arm so they can see my armpits for proof. But yeah, not shaving isn’t a big
    deal. And I don’t think it should be a big deal. I wish more people knew
    that so more people could just not shave if they felt like it.

    1. +Scott Lincoln
      please tell me you’re some sort of troll. If not, I’m really sorry about
      the multiple times you were dropped on your head as an infant. Not all
      girls can have thigh gaps, *you have to have a certain bone structure to
      have one*. I’m underweight and don’t have a thigh gap.
      Fucking google it, its like curves. If you don’t have the right bone
      structure you can’t fucking have one unless you’re dangerously underweight,
      which is just as bad and unhealthy as being overweight >.>

    2. And js, most guys don’t like thigh gaps. At least, ones that have working
      heads and know that thigh gaps aren’t healthy and few people can have them.

    3. +Scott Lincoln
      Did you even read what I fucking said?

      Thigh gaps are because of your bone structure, and you’re *fucking
      underweight if you have one*. You could be ridiculously underweight and
      still not have a thigh gap you absolute fucking walnut. God go pick up a
      book you fuckhead.

  3. And here I thought majority of the women who follow these routines were
    just free thinking beings, doing what they liked. Who knew that these
    routines were for the attraction of men, sorry lesbians!! *My comment is
    aimed at the ignorance towards the comment section, not the video which was

    1. It’s really not a stretch, biologically-speaking, to theorize that our
      choices in appearance are heavily influenced by a desire to attract a

    2. Notice how mainstream male culture is about being as asperger as possible
      and mainstream female culture about being as attractive as possible. So
      that’s what keeps the planet spinning…

    1. +WatcherOfShadows That sucks, I would totally understand if there was some
      sort of movement to do away with high-heels altogether.

    2. +Dacino Hoihe
      i agree.. i can walk (and run and jump, not so sure about defend but if
      that doesn’t work i can use them as a weapon 😀 ) on 13 cm heels but i
      wouldn’t walk on them all day.. i probably wear them like once or twice a
      year on other times i wear flats with sweatpants.. why? because it’s

    3. A short heels [nothing more than a sandal heel almost. Not even an inch] is
      alright with me but yeh, anything taller is weird for me.

      Personally, I don’t get why anyone would wear clothes they can’t
      run/jump/defend themselves in. [although some modern jeans rip when you’re
      trying to sprint from somewhere even for males ….]

    4. +mclovinakapascal Me too. But I’d like to know why some women walk around
      with them all day… how can their legs withstand the pain for so long?

  4. The only reason I clicked on this video was to find out what the vid makers
    thought was the reason for why women wore bikinis, which it completely
    failed to do.

    Stupid & misleading video

  5. Seeing a bunch of comments like “This is why women get raped. Because they
    feel the need to show off skin.” First of all, girls can wear what they
    want. They can wear a full, floor-length, princess gown or a crop top and
    booty-shorts in public; that still doesn’t mean they’re asking for it. If a
    guy rapes a woman because she’s dressed provocatively, it’s not her fault.
    Women should be aloud to wear what they want to wear without getting sexist
    comments and misogynistic insults. They don’t dress to impress guys. Most
    of the time, they dress for themselves. 

  6. I’m pretty sure the reason women wear bikinis is because they want to go
    swimming or sun tan on the beach. I’m almost positive of it. Really …
    bikinis are closely tied to swimming. I know, it’s a shocking theory.

    1. +SuperMegaUltraTengenToppaBigBangInfinityGigaDrillBreakBURST One pieces are
      less comfortable. Also, not all people burn when they get tan just white
      people(no offense)

    2. +Lizzie Walsh are you talking about a sun burn, because yeah, your comment
      made it seem like you have to get a sunburn before you tan, i just notice
      that thing for white people(because they have pink skin) they seem to get
      red easily

      also, i wasnt talking about darker people specifically, for example, i am
      kinda fair, but i dont burn easily, because i have warm/olive toned skin,
      see many white people have pink/cool toned skin, which will burn more
      easily, do you understand what i meant?

    3. Im not talking about the lobster red sun burn on white people just the fact
      even when u tan right your skin cells are being burnt! Yes, lighter skinned
      people will burn more easily…

    4. +Lizzie Walsh not exactly…
      You see, tanning is a natural thing humans get when exposed to uv b rays.
      Humans have special cells that create melalin when exposed to sunlight.
      Melalin is something everyone has in their skin(basically melalin is skin
      pigment) Also, some people burn more easily than others, so not all people
      burn before getting a tan.
      If you want more info here a wikipedia page on sun tanning

  7. I was in a big band tee it didn’t really show my shape and passed my
    buttock and bootcut jeans. Some guy pulled up and said
    “Hey baby want a ride?”
    Me “Excuse me?”
    Him “Uhhh want a ride?”
    Me “No.”
    He drove off and I didn’t have my skin exposed. I doesn’t matter what we
    wear we’re still going to get honked at, cat called, hit on, and even

  8. Well… the dark ages pale trend was gross. They ate ashes. At least some
    people eat bugs. (not sure about beetles, but bugs for sure.)

  9. It’s amusing how many guys are commenting “Well, guys like it when
    girls….” Surprise, I do thinks that I like and that I want to do and that
    I’m comfortable with. If a guy likes it, great, if he doesn’t, sucks for
    him .

  10. i still wonder, why it’s called bikini.. it’s EXACTLY the same like

    if i wanna see a girl in underwear and ask her for a pictues and she says
    no, i ask her out for swimming and take my own picture xDD

    rly that’s so stupid^^

  11. lol if a woman not shaving is nasty, a guy not shaving is nasty too.
    if you’re making the argument that “it’s unsanitary!” for a woman to have
    body hair, men, look at yourself. how do you think /we/ feel about /your/
    body hair?
    and i literally just saw a dude say that the only men who shave are
    bodybuilders or gay.

    looks like i’d rather date a gay guy then lmao. peace

    1. +yoqie i’ve heard some people (men and women) like the natural musky smell
      on the opposite sex. different strokes for different folks. i personally
      get really turned off by body odors so it doesnt work for me.

    2. +sydandtaytum but why lord why, if the smell of women is so good, i like it
      when they don’t take a bath in a while, thats the most feminine smell you
      can get

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Why Women Do The Beauty Routines They Do

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