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  1. But Cenk they lied to them! That’s what matters.. Çünkü televizyonda bazı
    görüntülerin engelleneceğini biliyorlar ama internet öyle değil!

  2. I’m siding with Ana on this one. The women were willing to do X when it was
    for TV cuz they clearly thought it was worth it for TV, but not for
    anything “less” than TV (i.e. Internet). So they were lied to. I don’t see
    how dishonest business is in any way defensible.

  3. My god, what a STUPID analogy. “You hired me. I’m going to be on TV. Then
    find out I’m on the internet. I’d panic!’ Sighhhhhhh……One situation is
    flashing your tits and the other is doing journalism & analysis. The two
    situations are only COMPLETELY different. One is a respectful career while
    the other is….Flashing your tits.

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Turkish Reality TV Goes Wrong: Women in Bikinis Held Captive

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