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  1. Not too bad, everyone has their favs, I would have replaced Pam Anderson
    (FAKE) w/Catherine Bell! But that is just me. 🙂 

  2. why are people so picky about quality. I never ever complain unless its so
    blocky I can barely tell whats happening. And Pam Anderson blows the all

  3. Many thanks for the clip. Appreciate Youtube due to this kind of info! My
    friend used to be bullied. He explained he was intending to get bigger. I
    didn’t believe him. But then out of the blue he gained 40lbs of
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  4. Bo Derek wasn’t in a one piece bathing suit and Ursula Andress was from
    Sweden not Switzerland. 

  5. I meant Bo Derek was in a one piece and not a bikini of course. She and
    Ursula Andress were also married to John Derek who had Linda Evans in
    between them. I always thought Andress was the sexiest of the three.

  6. a lot these women like bo derek and gabby reece are waaayyyy to skinny and
    boobless to be best bikini bods in world

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