Summer Fitness Routine: Get Bikini Body Confident w/ Blogilates!

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The best ways to make the DIY "Twist Back" workout tops!

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Vine: Meredith Foster.

FTC, this is not a sponsored video clip!:-RRB-.

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Comments 37

  1. To everyone commenting on her thigh gap: She has a natural thigh gap and
    doesn’t have to stick her butt out to show it. She was simply modeling her
    bathing suit for the video in a cutesy fun way. I have a similar body to
    her and I have a thigh gap whether I’m doing that or not. Why do you guys
    have to look so much into it?

    Not to mention, Meredith is a person. She seems to be pretty confident in
    herself, but if she has a low self-esteem that you don’t know about your
    comment could send her over the edge and make her want to stop eating or

    The comment section should be nothing but positivity because Meredith never
    provides anything negative.

    1. She conditions her body to believe that it has a “Thigh gap” but she did
      not. She leans in this video (at the beginning) to believe, because it is
      fashionable, because all these girls want to do the same as the models. I
      come from France, and here many experts complain that all the girls want to
      do that and put their legs ways to publish a tigh gap to be “beautiful”.
      This is ridiculous

  2. yes, if you guys actually paid attention to mere, she says she was inspired
    by bethany when she was younger, and she looked up to her, so she made a
    similar age. so yes, thats the reason why they have similar names. they are
    two completely different, amazing youtubers. nobody is “copying” anyone.
    you’re acting like people can’t do the same types of videos. have you been
    on youtube? a lot, of girls make videos similar to bethany and mere. if you
    just came on her channel to say she’s copying beth, than just leave. you’re
    rude comments are irrelevant. 

    1. I guess they’re type of video is different, since mere put more healthy and
      exercise here. So guess they both are inspired in their own ways

    2. Yes their first video is only 2 months a part only but dafuq she’s not
      copying anyone shut up haters

    3. Okay sheis inspired by her dafaq is wrong wid dat? If i get inspired by
      beth and start making similar vids, will u all hate on me? Being little bit
      similar to ur idol is not wrong bitchy thing. Its totally normal. Chillax

    1. Not really bc i got lots of dark spots all over my body and faces ): its
      hard to get rid of those dark spots

  3. I don’t understand why all these beauty gurus just go for cardio and
    bodyweight exercises when they’re working out. Strength training is
    arguably the most effective way to change the appearance of your body, and
    it gives you a lot more benefits in the long-run than just plain old cardio
    will. And girls, as someone who has been doing ST for months with heavy
    weights, I can assure you it does NOT make you bulk up.

    1. +Natalie Steinberg I didn’t think you were rude, I was just clarifying that
      I wasn’t trying to be demeaning. 🙂

    2. +Natalie Steinberg That’s true. Gym memberships are expensive (and
      personally I feel a bit overrated) I just work out in my house with my very
      varied styles of weights which are mostly vintage so they were either
      inexpensive or had belonged to my family. Just to clarify I was in no way
      intending to put them down, I think it’s great that they are encouraging
      people to exercise and be healthy I just wish there would be a little more
      focus on strength training as well.

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Summer Fitness Routine: Get Bikini Body Confident w/ Blogilates!

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