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  1. when are we going to kick all the puritan assholes out of the country and
    be able to go naked whenever the wx is warm

  2. @olexia07 Thanks for saying that! I ‘m a bodybuilder/ wrestler who has
    worked hard on my body with many hours in the gym. And on occasion, I will
    wear tiny posers to display the results of my efforts. Some times responses
    are positive, other times , you get ignorant replys. Last year at the beach
    this dude made this stupid scrawny dde made a comment that made me want to
    pick him up and snap him in half! Thanks sassylatina!

  3. @sassylatina808 absolutely not! lol. If men have the right body wearing
    tiny speedos are alright with me. Get outta here with this women can wear
    tiny bikinis but cover up the men?! I think not! Us straight women like
    looking at men, we need something to look at.

  4. this guy is very handsome…and that suit looks great on him!! The tan
    lines give alot away as far as what he had on before, but glad he found
    this tiny one to wear and get on video! Thanks for posting! Love the body,
    love the suit, love his bulge!

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sexy guy in tiny bikini

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