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Comments 87

    1. I can’t even fit in a size zero, it is way too big, I have to buy kid’s

    2. +Amber Capron I weigh like 39lbs the doctor keeps wanting to check up and
      stuff it’s so annoying

  1. As a suffer of anorexia I would like to say thank you for this video. I’m
    going on vacation in July and I really want to wear a bikini but I’m
    EXTREMELY body conscious (I’m feel like my stomach and arms are extremely
    fat) and to see someone not caring about whatever size they are and not
    letting emotions control what you wear is really inspiring to me! I have
    subscribed to you because I love the body positive vibe you have and I LOVE
    your bunny hopping around in the background!!!

    1. Yea. Have something called exercise induced asthma that means that if I try
      to hard I could potentially have a serious asthma attack that would require
      hospital care

    2. +Hazel Motes no that’s all fucking wrong. Anorexia is where you don’t eat
      enough food, weather it’s on purpose or not. Bulimia is where you binge and
      purge. Body dismorfia is where you have a distorted body image. Please
      learn your correct terminology

    3. +peyton scarberry Bulimia can also be a cycle of binge and restrict.
      Purging is not always present. (Just FYI.)

  2. Plus size means just a little chubby. Girl, you are obese and it is
    detrimental to your health. It’s good that you have confidence but this is
    too much confidence that is affecting you negatively.

    1. I don’t get why she wouldn’t try to loose weight because it’s unhealthy but
      she is pretty

    2. +Brenna Crow If you’re stating facts it’s not fat shaming, no one was being
      rude please don’t use that as an excuse.

  3. Wow society has really reached a new low.. glorifying obesity and gluttony.

    1. +Jade Wait so you say when you were 160 pounds you were depressed and you
      felt ugly. What makes you think she even remotely feels that way, not
      everyone is the same. She knows that shes big and that it can affect her
      could be on a weight loss journey but that doesn’t mean hate yourself until
      your the desired weight you want!

    2. If she did this video it was not to “promote” or “glorify” obesity it is
      just litterally loving yourself no matter the size, color, race you are
      ,AND THAT IS A GREAT MESSAGE. let her be happy

  4. Hating isn’t cute. So STOP acting like she doesn’t realizes her weight.
    Your negative comments are not motivation. They’re rude, unwanted and
    you’re not helpful. She loves her body, and in a time where that’s not
    common, that’s a great thing.

    1. I don’t want to hate, I think she is beautiful, smart and I admire her
      confidence. There is no point being mad at other people’s bodies, however,
      she is way past over weight, you can tell in the video she gets tired just
      from talking, and being this size is extremely dangerous. Some people might
      be mentioning her weight are just trying to warn her that her life is
      currently at risk. If you still think people are being mean and because of
      these comments she would think of killing herself you should understand
      that she could die any day now. This woman seems like a very nice person
      and for her to live a long and happy life she should really consider losing
      weight. It is for her own good.

    2. +T H S okay I understand what you’re saying, but I’m sure she goes to the
      doctor and is aware of her weight and health problems. Any one of us could
      die any day now.

  5. i cant even feel comfortable enough to wear a t shirt- teach me your ways!
    how do i find confidence like this

    1. Just do it!

      Many men like myself find fat women to be very attractive. Just try to keep
      that in mind even if men aren’t walking up to you and telling you that you
      look good. Trust me, they’re thinking it!

    2. I apologize, I’m aware that many women find other large women sexually
      attractive just as men do. You won’t find a stronger supporter of the LGBT
      community than me. For all we know, Ms. Brown is asexual and doesn’t care
      if anyone finds her sexually attractive, but my comment was intended to be
      supportive. I can’t think of a reason why someone would not wear a t-shirt
      other than embarassment over their appearance, which is sad.

    3. from your profile picture I would say you look fine have confidence and
      faith in yourself

    1. If she was skinny she would be better but I’m fats myself so been there
      done that

    1. really random, but I love your hair colour. have a nice day and sorry if
      this is weird!!

  6. Look, you are adorable, you’re beautiful, you rock your body. But there is
    a certain line where it goes from beauty to the need to lose weight. I
    admire your ability to push past those who pull you down, but sometimes you
    mistake people that are trying to help you for that and it would really
    help you to lose some weight.

    1. Lily Mohr people that call thick people are not concerned about our weight
      they just want to be mean and say that we are fat and you will never ever
      be able to do anything in your life or that you are going to die soon that
      stuff dealt hurts

    2. Who are you to say someone isn’t entitled to THEIR opinion. Rude or not
      EVERYONE is entitled to their opinion. If you don’t agree that is YOUR

      Fat, thin, short, or tall there will always be someone who doesn’t like the
      way someone looks or dresses. As long as it makes you happy, keep doing
      you! Haters will keep trying to drag everyone down, they can go eat a bowl
      of dicks.

  7. If I were you I would not buy this many clothes until I lost weight. You
    should start losing weight so you can finally go shopping without having
    all this struggle finding clothes your size. Plus when you buy smaller
    clothes it will encourage you to stay that size..

    1. +chrissy g Being over weight is NOT ALWAYS from over eating or u healthy
      eating. I’m a curvey girl but my curves are in proportion. I eat healthy
      and actually eat way less than most thin people. I don’t lose weight
      because I don’t eat enough so what I do eat my body keeps every little bit.
      im built like mu father who is 6’3 and weighs over 200 lbs. but we are big
      and muscular. i press over 450 lbs with my legs. You need to educate
      yourself before making uneducated rude comments. you need to work on your
      self-esteem. maybe you won’t feel the need to put others down if you liked

    2. I was told by my dr a few weeks ago,that being to skinny would be worse for
      my Heath then being over weight.

    3. +chrissy g not all people gain wait by eating unhealthy people could have
      thirod problems and there not able to lose wait …… Think

    4. If you eat right, yo can maintain a healthy weight with thyroid trouble.
      You just have to eat lower calorie meals. She’s eating badly, that’s why
      she’s overweight. There is literally no excuse for THAT level of weight
      gain. Medicines, health conditionss etc, most of them will cause you to
      gain no more than 50lbs above what should be your standard weight. I am
      losing weight from being the same size as her and let me tell you: she
      needs to look into WHY she eats the way she does, but the weight is because
      she eats too much bad food.

  8. I have nothing against this woman, let her be whatever she wants. but it
    did make me very very uncomfortable that she kept bouncing and touching her
    breasts. All I wanted to see what how you looked in those bikinis and not a
    face full of boobs. ://

    1. +samantha gonzalez it’s because this isn’t porn hub or xvideos. it is just
      awkward to some people. OK? if you don’t think it’s awkward well good for

    2. Then how do you describe why men look at them like they are sexual? Mm
      that’s right, you can’t. Because everybody is different.

      So why don’t you stop pushing your opinion onto others and let people have
      their *own* opinion.

      Thanks, bye.

  9. she is very pretty and confident but honestly being that weight is NOT
    healthy. You are at more risk at getting life threatening diseases when
    you’re that weight. don’t even try to argue with me in the comments. she is
    very pretty and confident but certainly not healthy.

    1. She’s also a fat model. Like she is a fat model for a career, and it pays
      well. Many ppl enjoy it and she enjoys her body. If she’s happy, then why
      spoil it? She looks healthy, being overweight does NOT = unhealthy. One can
      be healthy at any weight as long as they get the necessary vitamins and
      essential nutrients as well as exercise their muscles, bones and cardio.

    2. +Deadly Cuddles Wel with all the extra body fat you’re at a higher risk of
      dying pre maturely, it’s been proving. Im not shocked Shes a fat model,
      Shes very beautiful but I don’t want to see her die sooner.

    3. +Glen Coco I understand. A big part of dying from being overweight is due
      to genetics. Most people who aren’t genetically predispositoned for that
      usually do not get the proper exercise nor eat right

    4. Careful, the body shaming comment police would most certainly rag on you
      for saying that!

      Short/tall/fat/thin the the extremes of both ends of the weight spectrum
      are not healthy. At some point the honest comments receive the most
      criticism. The positive comments only encourage and enable that unhealthy
      behavior. Weather they’re ‘body positive, or or encouraging others to be
      like them they will continue to give their fans what they want, and the
      rest of their audience what repulses them or turns them into ‘haters’ or

  10. It’s literally sad how everyone is so proud of her loving her body. If she
    would love it, she would lose weight, because she is obese and that IS
    unhealthy. Your body has to take you all tonthe end… This one is
    struggeling right now living with itself. It is nothing to support, it is
    something to stop and to realise whats happening.

    1. I agree. She’s really pretty but she needs to treat her body better. She
      does not look healthy. I am saying this not to be rude but to be honest
      because people easily tell skinny people to eat because they’re unhealthy
      too so I don’t see why we can’t tell overweight people to lose a bit of
      weight also.

    2. okay I’m not gonna try to start an argument or anything but you don’t know
      what she’s going through. she may have something wrong with her thyroid or
      something. just because she is big doesn’t mean she wants to be. take it
      from me. I have problems with my thyroid so it makes it hard for me to lose
      weight. but gaining weight is not a problem. so before you start to judge,
      you should maybe educate yourself on problems like this.

    3. +Bronwen Jones because losing weight is a lot harder than gaining weight.
      and you shouldn’t tell skinny people to eat something if they are to
      skinny. like you shouldn’t tell a bigger person to just “lose weight” it’s

    4. Even if that was the case, it wouldn’t justify her weight. All that
      condition does is lower your BMR (the amount of calories you need per day
      in order to maintain your weight). Therefore, she is still eating thousands
      of calories over her recommended guideline to reach and maintain the weight
      she is currently at.

  11. omggggg 220 pounds , you either are very short or you need a new scale, you
    are beutiful , lose some weith youth feels good but later u will die

    1. +mihaela cristina no not denial, I know for a fact I’m not. I only wear a
      XL and a size 12 pants.. no way she does

    2. mihaela cristina she’s like 300 XD I’m 180 and not even close to looking as
      big ! And I’m 5’3

    1. Gina Antionette she is not just because she may be bigger and comfortable
      with her body does not mean she is promoting obesity and an unhealthy

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