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  1. Pretty girl, but flesh-toned bikinis, leggings, or anything else just looks
    weird. Tattoos never look good either. I wish that stupid trend would die
    out asap.

  2. I’ll take real over fake any where, anytime, anyplace … Fake is just that
    … Fake …. She is a beautiful girl tho, no doubt.

    1. Do you mean to suggest this girl was done with CGI? She looks like she’s
      made up of pretty solid matter to me…

  3. there is plenty of sites where babes sharing videos that are 10x better
    than youtube, i know you all too lazy to hunt for them so ill tell you
    where i get all my vids check out GIRLCM.COM الحياة كوميديا للشخص الذي يفكر
    و تراجيديا للشخص الذي يشعر

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Micro Bikini from Skin Bikini Location Photoshoot

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