Men Try Women’s Swimwear

Click here if you want to Have a Bikini Body

"Nobody desires side prick …".

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Comments 35

  1. im literally flatter than that lady modeling the bikinis and she is so hot
    it makes me feel better about myself.
    perhaps having a board as a chest can be sexy…….(??)

    1. You’d actually be surprised how many guys and girls like small boobs
      despite society’s ideals that bigger is better. More practical too 😉

  2. I only own two bathing suits. They’re competitive one suits. Yes. I’m a
    competitive swimmer and I just got my AA time. I am proud.

  3. Ha! I wear a one piece swimsuit with swim shorts because I am so self
    conscious about how thick my thighs are. You could literally stick a
    disembodied head in my leg and still have room around the head. No joke I
    have thick thighs and don’t like them because they feel so disproportionate
    compared to everything else.

    1. You know What? If you eat properly and stay active, your thick thighs are
      healthy thighs! I understand how you feel… in the late 2000’s I had the
      body type that is now considered “thick”. Everybody would make fun of my
      big butt. I tried a lot of exercises to try and get a smaller butt and
      hips, but nothing worked. Then in 2013, the big butt became the thing all
      the skinny girls wanted. I could then laugh at those same skeleton bitches
      that laughed at me. Even today those girls are doing squats… let’s just
      say it’s not working for them…. and I know they’ll never have a REAL big
      butt. Beauty standards always change… maybe one day you’ll be the next
      body goals! 😀

    2. Adenrele Deji I’m like this. I dance, so my thighs are big, but I’m short,
      so it looks weird. Especially since the rest of my body (except my feet,
      which are huge) looks normal

  4. In all honesty I feel like most girls today forget to shop for comfort and
    style but more for sexiness and trying to look like celebrities with their
    preferred body types of 2016 which is the Hour glass feature, big butt, big
    breast, and thin stomachs, big lips and curvy….but most of all the butt
    load of makeup on your face
    When really all you should be doing is shopping for comfort and style which
    can be sexy and just being you without all of the makeup and trying to be
    something else, when you just need to except yourself

    1. +Insane Kawaii I don’t use the board unless I’m getting something under it
      (eg. goggles). I usually just swim right down to the bottom to get

    2. Makeup doesn’t make you into a completely different person…? You can
      still be yourself with makeup on.

  5. Either the hairy, skinny guy has a very small penis or he tucked. I’m sorry
    i know it’s very inappropriate but all the others are talking about how you
    can see everything and he just has a V like a woman and looks so flat. Am i
    going to hell for this lol

    1. She looks really good in this video. But I’ve actually seen her in real
      life. I’d say she’s just an average looking girl.

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Men Try Women’s Swimwear

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