Men Get Bikini Waxes For The First Time

Gigi Student Starter Kit is Amazing for Home Waxing

When these guys accepted get swimsuit waxes, they had no idea exactly what they were obtaining themselves into. So much pain.

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Special thanks to ZENii


" Bandidos De Banderos"
Accredited through Detector Chappell Production Music Inc


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Comments 42

  1. I love that the whole video is punctuated by the big guy just chilling.
    Like all the other guys are screaming and then it cuts to him and he’s
    like, “Hmm.”

    1. +Caity Krasinski HaHa, right I did not link the two together. 😉 But in the
      mean time I have seen him in several vis of buzzfeed, I just never noticed
      him before I guess.

    2. +mrt haha no, I mean the guy in the video who says “its like an unfurnished
      basement” at the end of the video.

    1. Being in pain in an unfamiliar and uncomfortable place is a very real boner
      killer. Try getting a Cystoscopy sometime.

    2. +Andrew Harper Just because there’s a girl touching “that area” doesn’t
      mean they’re going to get aroused. Especially not in this setting.

  2. Eugene: 0:03 “I have an extremely high pain tolerance.” 0:07 “I’m pretty
    sure I’ll be okay.”

    1:00, 1:37, 1:49

  3. I’ve never gotten anything waxed, and I’d rather get my armpits or legs
    done before a bikini wax. I’m not worried about pain, I’d just rather not
    be almost naked in front of a stranger. xD

    1. +GreenEyedAng3l Actually you feel normal there, because if you think about
      that, that person has seen A LOT of naked persons. And in a bikini wax you
      do in parts, so you are never trully naked.

    1. if you get it done by a professional then you’ll be fine… I had my
      husband try to do mine at home and I got scared and I panicked and we
      waited too long so when he went to rip it off a bit of skin came off and
      the rest got stuck. so that made me close my legs and I guess some wax
      dropped on my thighs and that hurt when he had to pry them apart. but he
      told me my bald spot the shape of a heart. and it did

    2. +C Bear you don’t get ingrown hairs when you wax, shaving with a razor is
      more likely for you to get ingrown hairs.

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Men Get Bikini Waxes For The First Time

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