Low Back Massage How To Therapy Techniques

Life Wisdom. Psychetruth Massage. Hi! I’m Jen and today I’m gonna be doing a little massage demonstration on none other than Psychetruth’s very own Corrina Rachel. I promise this is her! So today I’m going to be showing a bit of massage operate to get into the low back which, is great to allay sciatic ache, helps allay low back tension and sometimes it even helps to relieve ache in the upper back simply by working into those muscles in the low back.

So, leave a comment if this video is related to you or if you suffer with low back ache.

So I’ve already started by simply utilizing some petroleum onto Corrina’s back to give a bit of gliding and I’m just starting this petrissage motion to start to warm up the muscles in the lower back by gently kneading the muscles.
I’m working with a medium p

ressure so that i’m really retrieving the muscles in the superficial stratum. And as the muscles become warm i can start to use even more pressure so that “i m starting” knead out the muscles in the deeper layers.

Leave a thumbs up if this looks good to you! Next I’ll just simple place my thumbs on the edge of her spine with a somewhat firm pressure and with a slow steady motion I’ll simply operate my route down toward her pelvis.

Once “i m starting” make contact with her bones, I lighten up the pressure to come back around and start again. So it’s important that you two are mindful about the amount of pressure that you use when you’re making contact with someone’s bones.

Rubbing bone to bone feels really uncomfortable and it’s pain, so are you gonna try to escape that. It’s important to work into the muscle tissue. Kind of working with the same hypothesis, I can use my thumbs instead of my finger tips-off to operate gradually down the muscles in the back.

And when I’m working with my thumbs it’s a little easier to see where she has these little spots of extra tension So if I come across that level, I can simply hold a steady pressure here permitting those muscles to relax a little little more.

One last technique I’ll show you is working into the quadratus lumborum or QL as it’s called, which is a muscle that comes across the low back, right here, fastening the top of the pelvis to the bottom of the rib.

It can get pretty tight. So, you can actually come in from the side and access the side of that muscle and press into it and using a steady pressure and a gentle rocking gesture to simply make contact with that QL and invites the state party to relax.

This is a somewhat deep tissue approaching so your collaborator may have some sensitivity here so it’s important to be mindful especially around those tight tight muscles.

But as “youre staying” you will seem the muscle tissues start to soften starting to relax. Then again I can go in with my thumbs kneading into the QL allowing for more circulation and motion in the tissue. So I’m just operating my route up and down the muscle fibers. When i’m done working into the low back I like to take the heel of my hand and start at the very base of the spine and just take a few apoplexies moving up towards the shoulder.

This helps to flush any poisons out of the area. It allows researchers to encourage the flow of fresh blood into the area and then I can work my hands all the way up the spine working into the centre back and up into the upper back.

Of track she has a lot of knots and tension up here too, so in my next video I’ll show you some techniques to work into the upper back and shoulders to alleviate some of those knots and tight places that build up. So thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and leave a comment! Let me know where your most tight places are.

I can make some videos to depict some massage techniques to allay your tension. Thanks for watching and subscribe to Psychetruth so you can see more of my videos and others just like it ..

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Low Back Massage How To Therapy Techniques

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