Java Girl Throws Boiling Water on Pervert – Aug 19, 2008

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In Tacoma, Washington, Swimwear barista Kylie Ross said the minute the new client drove up, she had a suspicion something had not been right regarding him.

I discovered when I was aiming to make small talk that he maintained his arm against his head so the electronic cameras could not see him, she claimed.

She made his drink anyway, which's when it occurred.

He just pulled out a gun as well as opened his cars and truck door and also leaned in our window as well as howled offer me all the money every one of the money, claimed Ross.

Monitoring video recorded the consumer getting the cash money and scampering, but not prior to the camera – and Ross – focused know some identifying marks.

His head was cut bald as well as he had tattoos throughout. It type of scared me currently so it type of afraid me currently as well as he had a teardrop, she claimed.

This is not the first time Ross has remained in some terrifying circumstances. a hr in the past, she called cops after a guy revealed himself, and also simply a couple of months Ago was the boiling water event.

Put boiling water on a male who was fully subjected also, she stated.

And there's even more. Recently, security video captured somebody got into the Java Women stand taking loan and other products.

Coffee stands are coming to be simple targets. Authorities in South King Region are investigating a string of robberies at regional stands.

Yet that's not hindering Ross.

It takes place anywhere so I do not think its as a result of the job. I think its because we're an easy target, she claimed.

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Comments 15

  1. The guy came back three times, she didn’t know what he was going to do so
    she did what she felt she had to in order to defend herself. People need to
    understand the line between what’s harmless flirtation and what’s totally
    indecent and threatening. Just because a girl is wearing a bikini it
    doesn’t mean you’re justified in making her fear attack and rape. 

  2. why is it your right with what you do and what he does is so wrong and he
    got hurt with the water?? women get so many rights these days?

  3. what kinda fast food place is this. u have to expect this kinda stuff when
    ur wearing bikinis and serving food at the same time

  4. What do they expect to happen from the male gender when they are exposing
    themselves in a sexual manner. The girl should be put behind bars. The guy
    may be a bit odd, but that doesn’t merit her the right to throw boiling
    water on the guy. If you don’t want guys to look at you as a sexual object
    then don’t work at a job that requires you to be one for more business.

  5. I don’t think this story is balanced or fair.What is the reasoning behind
    serving food in their provocative swim wear that is not much different than
    panties? Wait,I’m getting a boner thinking about it behind my computer
    screen.PAH-TING,PAH-TING,PAH -TING. I am a typical,normal hetrosexual
    male,and even though this was way wrong,why did these young women have to
    instigate this ? Again,there is no excuse for Capt.Pudd,but on the same
    note,why did they feel the need to serve in their “panties”?

  6. Okay. She felt threatened. And he was being harassive, but if the company
    is going to have their female staff dress like this, the first thing that
    should’ve been in the business plan was a training on what to do in this
    situation. I can’t really be mad at Kylie, but this “story” doesn’t
    resonate with me for some reason. She’s not a hero. There’s something “off”
    about this story.

  7. this is my fetish. masturbating while watching a video of hot water thrown
    on a guy exposing himself with panties on his face.thank you !!!!!

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Java Girl Throws Boiling Water on Pervert – Aug 19, 2008

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