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  1. How to get a bikini body:
    1: Have a body
    2: Have a bikini
    3: Put on you’r bikini
    Tada, there you go, you have a bikini body

  2. Being healthy looks like it sucks, I do not want to grow up. I’m gonna
    enjoy my metabolism while it likes me.

    1. I hate when people say “water has no taste how do you hate the taste!!”
      it’s hard to explain it doesn’t taste bad it’s just not the first thing I’d
      reach for. Cold water is really harsh especially when you haven’t eaten and
      it hurts to drink so idk some people just don’t like water lol

    1. it has the taste of the different minerals that it has, that’s why
      depending on which one you buy, or even if you drink tap water it tastes
      different from others

    1. +Rebecca waist-trainers are perfectly safe as long as you don’t have it on
      too tight because they are made of a neoprene material. Corsets which have
      metal ribbing are highly unsafe because they can squish your ribs and

    2. +Hannah Kelly When you wear the waist-trainer, it presses your internal
      organs together, which isn’t very healthy.
      sorry for my bad English

    1. I see no different “taste” between water in bottles or from a tap… It’s
      probably because I live in Switzerland (lol…)

    2. +SkylarThePanda if the water u drink is infected yes . it doesnt have a
      good taste . not because it doesnt taste good ( water natural water has no
      taste ) its because of the chemicals in it.

  3. Woah woah woah. I understand that peanut butter can be fattening, but it
    has so much protein. Protein is really good for your body– thus needing it
    in your diet

    1. +reniti quinn Actually I think they can do just as much damage as corsets.
      Btw I don’t want to start an argument but this is just my opinion , based
      on what I know about them.

    2. +Hilari Parsons Actually, no they’re not. I use to wear one, but I made
      sure to ask my doctor first. As long as it’s not too tight, minimal to no
      damage will be done. Corsets can damage ribs and organs; not the TRAINERS.

    3. +Grace c actually they are dangerous, they push your organs around and make
      your ribs brittle because they’re pushing on them

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