FBI Surveils Bikini Baristas, Officer Busted in Sex Sting! Don’t Cops Have Better Things to Do!

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Good police know to take their time when surveying swimwear barista establishments presumed of operating hooking rings. It is very important to pose as clients to witness raunchy acts very first hand and it's absolutely important to invest several months pouring over surveillance footage. In fact, you could wish to hire government representatives to provide some added monitoring footage.

In Snohomish Region, Washington an extremely thorough bikini barista examination has actually covered about nine months, included at least two neighborhood authorities departments (Everett as well as Kent) along with the Snohomish County Constable's Division and the FBI, and also generated numerous arrests for prostitution and associated offenses. Among those captured in the sting procedure was Constable's Sgt. Darrell O'Neill, who would supposedly warn swimsuit baristas about covert officers for sex (yes, even while in uniform).

However c'mon, don't polices (and also feds) have far better points to do?!

The Constable's Department recenty developed an unique task force dedicated to catching terrible transgressors, and also during a current move, officers invested three whole days catching crooks. Not a negative idea. In fact, maybe police officers must spend less time scouting (and having sex with) bikini baristas as well as even more time searching down fierce offenders– after all, many are still on the prowl.

Simply under 2 minutes.

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"Do not Polices Have Better Things to Do?" is composed and also routed by Ted Balaker (@tedbalaker). Producer is Matt Edwards. Opening movement graphics by Meredith Bragg. Camera by Zach Weissmueller. Music by audionautix.com and "The Contessa" is by Maurice and the Beejays (Magnatune Records).

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Comments 19

  1. You can’t make this crap up…if your’e a cop, you get paid to stay
    home…if you’re a prostitute, you go to jail.

  2. It’s pronounced “snow-hoe-mish’ county. It’s another one of the many
    shibboleths that Pacific North westerners use to sort out the tourists.

  3. Pew-yal-lup, Is-sa-kwah, tuk-will-ah And the funny thing about this is I
    know who that deputy is. And I see one of those stands every time I go to
    BECU on 99.

  4. While I support Reason and their cause…. This video is worthless without
    more shots (preferably close ups) of said “bikini baristas”.

  5. In my younger years in living in San Francisco, I would sometimes frequent
    the asian massages parlors. Disclaimer ( too learned the culture ) I always
    ask the girls if they were afraid of the Cops busting them? They always
    said NO! Their best customers were COPS! So nothing new here, It’s always
    been like this.

  6. Here in Phoenix the cops did a six-month investigation of a place where you
    could star in your own porno movie.

  7. Where I live (no strip clubs) a bar had a wet T-shirt contest so undercover
    cops went and busted it . . . at the end.

  8. It would be nice if the narrator could pronounce Snohomish. I couldn’t
    figure out what he was saying for a bit.

  9. Snohomish is pronounced “sno-HOH’-mish” … not whatever the voiceover guy
    called it … 

  10. I would prefer cops having sex in their squad cars if it means they’re not
    marching around flashing there guns and badges saying they have arrived to
    save us from imaginary wrongdoers

  11. I bet “Kill & Maim Coffee” has no problems with the cops, but if you show a
    little skin you’re the problem.

  12. If prostitution wasn’t illegal this wouldn’t happen. When something is
    controlled a corrupt group of people who can legally use force (government,
    law enforcement) can abuse that something. The women were arrested for
    flashing people, while the officer was put on paid leave!! People could
    have been being killed while he was doing some barista, this is pathetic! 

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FBI Surveils Bikini Baristas, Officer Busted in Sex Sting! Don’t Cops Have Better Things to Do!

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