Evolution of the Bikini with Amanda Cerny

Bikini Boutique Stunning Rose and Gold Bikini set, elegant summer swimwear 2016 (small)

Amanda Cerny reveals us exactly how the bikini has actually progressed overtime.

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Thank you to Amanda Cerny for modeling all these fantastic bathing suits!

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Comments 43

  1. Wonder what’s next:
    I don’t know. MAYBE NO BIKINI, just nude. because it sure looks like where
    going there.

    1. +Emerald City Saint
      Wonder what’s next:
      I don’t know. *maybe no reviewing*, just gibberish. included all the
      punctuations, but typed “where” instead of “we’re”.

    1. +YoungTheFish We did a lot of research into what different filmstocks used
      in each era, but also relied on popular films and tv shows as guides. Each
      decade has different professional techniques based upon the technology of
      the day. There came a point though that actual filmstock began to have a
      uniform look so for those decades (such as the 70s, 80s, and 90s) we
      mirrored the look off of things like MTV or VHS tapes etc.

  2. And after all of this time and evolution of women’s swim wear… I turn to
    the female population and ask this….. Do you as women feel like you have
    become more “empowered” because you can now wear little to nothing at the
    beach? Or, do you regret all of this evolution because now you have
    essentially turned yourselves into sex objects? Seems rather contradictory.

    1. +gturner38 no offense but a man’s chest is not equivalent to a woman’s.
      2nd, men don’t generally wear speedos unless they’re professional
      swimmers, most wear baggy shorts which is more conservative than 30s male
      swimsuits. 3rd, women generally don’t make men sex objects, men otoh….

    2. +levan yelik Men don’t have “nice legs” to cover up? Are women supposed to
      hide their ankles? If women are supposed to be ashamed of showing their
      limbs, then perhaps men should wear long sleeve shirts on the beach to make
      sure they aren’t showing off their biceps or broad shoulders.

    3. +levan yelik Given that men’s swimwear went from baggy full body outfits to
      something as small as the Speedo during the same time period, did men make
      themselves sex objects, too?

    4. +Carol Danvers you have clear mental issues, you’re no different from guys
      hating all women calling them the C word. Screaming in ALL CAPS, throwing
      a tantrum, spewing profanities, insulting anyone, and thinking I am male
      are not the thinking and actions of a stable person. i am a girl, yet I am
      a male misogynist scum because I dare disagree with you and in your
      irrational thought the human race can survive without the opposite sex.
      with billions of people on the planet, reproduction is not a necessity for
      everyone but it is delusional to think that it isn’t a necessity for a
      species to thrive. women and men can dress well for themselves but
      dressing SEXY, the term here is SEX is for the purpose of sexual
      attraction. People who dress sexy, do so to attract others. You don’t
      dress sexy to attract yourself. But the concept is clearly too complex for
      someone with a limited understanding and education, so whatever. Goodbye,
      from your male misogynist scum (even though I’m a girl).

  3. Good thing the bikini wasn’t invented until after the nuclear testing of
    WW2. You know that island in the Pacific Ocean that they blew up bombs on
    was named Bikini Island.

    This is more or less the “Evolution of Swimwear for Women.”

  4. The 1910s were the best. Sleeves when you are swimming! Think of how you
    won’t get sunburned shoulders that way. Sunscreen only lasts so long. I
    think they should bring that back. Make some cute swim tops with sleeves on
    them. You could mix and match them with shorts like that, or swim skirts,
    or bikini bottoms.

    1. +WhyDoPeopleRespond AwkwardlyToAwkwardness No you’ll get bad sunburns
      regardless of your race. It depends on sensitivity of your skin, not thw
      amount of melanin you have.

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Evolution of the Bikini with Amanda Cerny

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