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  1. Some people are very slow…like they hit with the stupid stick (sorry to
    say) …love this video because it’s not too short where butt is on the
    verge of escape…really like it

  2. Ooooowee.. some dumb asses commented on this! lol of course the jeans were
    already highwaisted duuuuh! one girl said wudn it be less expensive to just
    buy highwaisted shorts, noooo dumb assses you can get shorts from a thrift
    for little to nothing!

  3. I like the way you do it and wow the video is short and the way you make
    shorts is so easy thanks I’m doing it tomorrow with black jeans I’m so
    happy oh and I subscribe and liked your video byeee

    1. My Wrangler cutoffs are really frayed and last summer the frays caught
      alight when we has a barbecue and I could not see the flame in the
      sunlight. Rolling them up will solve the problem, but no doubt upset my
      boyfriend, who wants me to wear leather shorts. Needless to say, he claims
      that it is purely for safety reasons.!!!!!!

  4. I’m definitely doing this with my friends for my birthday! I think it
    would be cute to add lace or bleach them maybe:)

    1. +Carter Gomeź first of all she not ghetto and she don’t need to go back to
      school I don’t see you over here knowing how to make shorts that’s why you
      on this vid so stop hating

  5. That’s pretty cool. I have a pair of old jeans that I don’t wear anymore so
    I am thinking of making them into jean shorts to wear for next Spring! :)

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DIY: How to Make High waist shorts

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