DIY Bikinis ♡ Recycling & up-styling

Super Cute Two-Piece Print Bikinis

Hey! these 3 DIY swimwear embellishments are all charming ways to make old boring or ordinary swimsuits appear trendy and new once again. I personally love the floral one since its so different to anything i have actually seen in shops and also i love flowers! I have additionally already had stacks of praises on it:-RRB-. Dos it yourself are particularly incredible when you don't have to get anything and also consequently you obtain a chance to recycle while additionally having something 'new' for affordable or no charge:D. If you men liked this video clip on embellishing your personal bikinis at home, then let me know it the remarks box:-RRB- xx

Flowers on 2nd swimwear are fake textile blossoms (not paper as they would certainly be damaged by water!).

I wish you appreciated this video clip ♡.
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some Frequently Asked Question:.
how old are you?: 22.
Where do you live?: New Zealand.
Just what do you movie with: Canon 60d & canon s120.
Exactly what do you modify on: FCPX.
Just what do you study: Masters in Interaction of Science as well as filmmaking.
Just what do you love most in life: bruce -my chihuahua, my household & bf, pets, sunlight, FOOD, nature, compassion …

This channel wants to motivate a favorable life ♡.

" look after your body, its the only area you need to live".
" life is short, smile while you still have teeth".
" be the change you wish to see, in your life and also in the world!".

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Remain lovely, enjoy you guys ♡.
Ela xx.

Healthy. Delighted. Natural. DIY. Motivated. Favorable.

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Comments 23

  1. SO COOL! <3 I really wish that here in Ireland we had better weather so I
    could actually wear bikinis & do this 🙂 The water is so cold all year
    round, here! I can't explain how happy I am to see how well your channel is
    doing I feel so special to have been one of your first ever subbies hehe,
    it's amazing to watch the growth it's like watching a baby become a
    teenager...or...something! 🙂 XXX

    1. hehe i feel the same way about your channel girly! It is so awesome to see
      such progress in just a year! 😀 XX

    1. +ralithelion No she looks healthy and about the size for age, but no
      offense to people the size of VS models just my opinion.

  2. My comment to you is as such you are young and full of positive ideas for
    health but you are seriously oppressed. Any one who shows there body does
    not know why they were created…. And selling yourself as a piece of meat
    is self degradation…. Stop letting others tell you what to do with your
    body. The Vatican is the one down grading women with bikinis and
    pornography…. الحمد لله I know my value as a Muslimah, I hope you will
    understand who are the liberators and the oppressors of women

    1. you told her, “stop letting others tell you what to do with your body.”
      What if she likes to show people her body? Should she let you tell her what
      to do with her body?

    2. I think you missed the whole point of the video. She’s not selling her
      body. She designed and is modeling her creation. There is no point to
      teaching how to do something and not show the end product the way it will
      be seen or used.

  3. Lol I am new to your channel and you posted this a year ago anyway you
    deserve way mor subs then you have. You eared a new sub

  4. U r just so shameless . I thought u r good , but no . U r like others only
    . SHAMELESS!!!!!

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DIY Bikinis ♡ Recycling & up-styling

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