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  1. This is one of the most ridiculous speech i have ever heard of my entire

    1. +Francois-Xavier Brault Good. That means you wont be prepared and I’ll have
      all the guns and women 😀

    1. +tom lipton The Bill of Rights was made “….by the people for the people”
      Ring any bells?

  2. Eat organic, be gay and for the love of god don’t let the whites hog the
    bump fire systems!

  3. how to make a propaganda video:
    1- hire a stripper who thinks she can shoot a gun
    2- make her wear an army themed lingerie
    3- have her read anything you want on camera.

    1. +radioactivelight Brutal death cult came to America in the 14th and 15th
      century… absolutly no need for islamic terrorists there.

    1. +Jennifer Leung Well then don’t be surprised that the uploader told you to
      piss off. Because that girl is either A) The uploader, or B) The uploader’s

    2. Not sure if you have noticed but Jennifer Leung told you to piss off first!
      Middle Finger anyone!!!!!

  4. Great video, fantastic message! Will do! Shoulda/woulda/coulda: I wish the
    various firearms used were named.

  5. Well, she is right about one thing. Criminals are declaring themselves as
    the good guys. Look at the BLM movement and the left in general. Killing
    cops, killing other people and claiming it is because they are being
    racially mistreated, which is a lie.

  6. Hey George Soros, nobody wants your unelected global “governance”.

  7. Darling, lean in a little before u shoot pul the trigger. Don’t let the
    recoil push u back. But great vid! U r beautiful Darling!!!

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