Cop BUSTED in Bikini Coffee Shop Prostitution Ring

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"Cops in Everett, Wash., robbed seven Java Juggs latte stands this week on suspicion that a prostitution ring was being gone out the coffee huts. Java Juggs includes baristas using swimwears and lingerie, as well as a pole dancer post where they dance for customers. The brilliant pink huts are also apparently a front for hooking." *.

Officer Darrell O'Neill has been broken for sex with workers of two swimsuit cafe in the center of hooking examinations. Is any one of this a surprise? Why were cops concentrating on a possible sex ring in a swimsuit coffee bar? Ana Kasparian and Gina Graduate simplify.

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Comments 17

  1. prostitution is such a stupid law anyway. so someone can’t sell their body,
    the one thing that they truly own? rediculous

  2. Wish these stupid, bitchy chicks would stfu. These women are much hotter
    than them, and men want to have sex with them much more. Esp. more than the
    thick chick on the right. The other one look like Diana Taurasi!

  3. The police focus on these silly issues because of constant public
    complaints, you can guess I am sure who these complaints are coming from

  4. 1. Just to be clear, so you believe that the government should protect
    people from themselves? 2. I am of Irish ancestry, but this debate is about
    America… and you are fucking Irish. 🙂 It is Ireland along with the
    Muslim world that favors blasphemy laws the most in the world. Then add on
    Ireland’s ultra-strict abortion laws. Well… all that is pretty “fucking
    stupid”. Do the Irish care about personal liberty at all? 3. You guessed
    right, I am a huge fan of Penn and Teller.

  5. Why is this still an issue? The US constitution has clear rules against the
    majority oppressing the minority, and they are being completely disregarded
    by letting the majority decide to lock people up in cages over these issues
    of PURE TASTE! I wish liking your comment would have some effect, but I
    guess all I can do is wait until I can afford to move to a more developed
    country where personal, human rights are respected! Sometimes I wish I
    could punch ‘Murica in the nuts >:(

  6. You’re so cool saying you’ll have sex with hot women. I want to be like
    you. By the way, the one on the right is wayyy hotter.

  7. Provided the individual offered is not a victim of power and control, the
    world thinks they are there by choice and can get away from those who hold
    them captive. If they are not do not jump to comply, they are beaten and
    often punished in ways none would wish to make public except to stop it
    from happening right now in epidemic numbers. Many do porn. Many are
    murdered and turn up in the desert or some ditch somewhere. Or worse, their
    children are sexually violated and in bondage as well.

  8. At the very least if we were to legalize prostitution, it would give
    prostitutes protection under the law. Now they have none. Read up on how
    much better the situation was in America prior to 1908 when prostitution
    was practically legal. For example the institution of having pimps, where
    men would take almost all the money that prostitutes earned only really
    started until after 1908. Like everything else if something is made illegal
    very bad men are attracted into it.

  9. Prostitution is legal in parts of Nevada. Prior to 1908 in American
    prostitution was practically legal. What ever laws there were, were not
    enforced. Is having prostitution legal a perfect system. No. Still it is a
    lot better then what we have now were prostitutes have zero protection
    under the law. What does rape have to do with prostitution? Rape is a
    horrible form of stealing. Prostitution is a commercial agreement between
    two consenting adults.

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Cop BUSTED in Bikini Coffee Shop Prostitution Ring

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