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  1. Another example: most of the time my wife does the cooking and cleaning —
    kind of unfair (I try to do that sometimes but I’m pretty awful at it).
    However, when it comes to doing any kind of heavy lifting or really
    strenuous physical labor, my wife sits inside while I do it. I’m not sure
    who has it better, but I don’t like when women confidently assert that men
    have it all easy.

  2. Now you’re putting words in my mouth. I’m saying that I’d happily wax my
    pubes if that meant that women would buy me drinks and have sex with me.
    I’m the one that wants to have sex and free drinks, and I think getting my
    pubes waxed isn’t such a bad price if society worked that way. In short,
    I’m saying that both genders have their share of advantages and
    disadvantages. For example, if I get my pubes waxed, I wouldn’t be allowed
    to cry or else it would be completely shameful.

  3. see so all the men out there see how much pain we go through and you wont
    even shave your legs and down there for us 🙁 be warned and I quit like a
    guy whos willing to go through that 🙂

  4. I don’t do it to please the guys. Its just better than shaving. And its
    also just nice to keep everything tidy down there. lol

  5. … or I’d even do it for less. I’d happily get my pubes waxed if it meant
    I could just show up at a bar or club, dressed nicely, and have women
    buying me drinks all night while I try to decide if any one of them can
    take me home. That doesn’t even happen to the best-looking guy, so it’s
    kind of hard to say what is and isn’t fair, isn’t it?

  6. “… would YOU do it for our enjoyment?” — You can’t say NO here with
    certainty because you don’t have one, and any attempt at simulating one
    would obviously not be to your enjoyment unless you’re just some kind of
    sadistic freak. Men really do go out of their way to make women happy.
    Don’t talk as though women are doing all the work for their men. I’d
    happily get my pubes waxed if it meant that a woman was going to provide
    for me financially for the rest of my life.

  7. … that said, I do think a courteous guy ought to do the same if the
    girlfriend is willing to do it, more to be a gentleman than anything else.

  8. On the flip side, the pubes don’t really get in the way of the shaft…
    unless your guy is really hairy. We also don’t get any piss on our pubes,
    and we usually don’t need oral sex to get aroused enough to have sex. Just
    seeing women naked is often enough. Even when we receive oral sex, even a
    single minute is enough to get most of us totally ready, so it’s not like
    it’s completely fair. How many girls can just look at a guy naked and get
    wet enough to have sex? Cunnilingus is quite a chore.

  9. I’m a 19 y/o man & I’ve been shaving my pubes for years. I do it for sexual
    pleasure & hygiene. I’ve had dozens of people insult me for that. I also
    find hairless girls beautiful. I believe real women dont need hair. Body
    hair only gets in the way. It’s stupid how hairy people think theyre a
    persecuted minority even though they vastly outnumber smooth people around
    the world even today. Nobody even shaved down there back then. If I lived
    in the 70s I would have been lynched for shaving.

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