Bikini Waxing for Beginners : Waxing Tips & Advice

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Swimwear waxing for beginners requires you to make certain that your hair is long sufficient in the first place. Discover swimwear shaving for newbies with assistance from an experienced shaving expert in this complimentary video.

Specialist: Summer Vasilas
Bio: Summertime Vasilas is the Co-Founder as well as Director of Educating for Waxing the City.

Series Description: Waxing all locations of your body could be very uncomfortable if you do not know what you're doing. Obtain waxing infos as well as recommendations with assistance from an experienced waxing professional in this complimentary video clip series.

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Comments 37

  1. I know you have to pay for the specific areas you want waxed, but I am
    lowkey mad that she didn’t wax that little patch of hair on the inner thigh

  2. idk why but everytime she is pulling off a wax strap(<-- ? is it a strap dk xD) it is SO FUCKING SATISFYING!! XD

  3. Whoever is talking about how hairy she is like it’s disgusting and a
    disgrace to mankind is immature and an imbecile. Babies stay bald down
    there, not grown women. Get over it, we all grow hair as human beings.

    1. Yes! Thank you! The woman even said in the beginning you need to grow your
      hair out a bit in order to wax.

  4. since i started waxing down there i never wanted to shave again >_> the
    results are much better, plus once you keep up waxing for a long time the
    hair grow is much less

    1. +Janet Leo i’d say about one week to 6 six im not sure, i never really
      counted but if you wax regulary the hair growth will be slower, so it wont
      come out as fast as the first times you wax

    2. +Peace Power look the pain was bearable and if you’re lucky and the girl
      that waxes you , is fast, you wont even understand when you’ll be over. the
      only area that hurts more than the others is the triange part on the center
      of the area, but again, its bearable, so i suggest give it a try

    1. ummm I was thinking the same thing, and was wondering when I go get my
      eyebrows wax do they double dip and or use the same wax on me as they did
      on others. I’m going to have to pay more attention to this.

  5. That’s not hairy at all. And whats up with most people being whiny bi*ches?
    This isn’t that big of a deal and definitely not as painful as people
    think. Try epilators, those are real torture…

  6. I see like 20 comments of people saying everyone is overreacting about the
    length of the hair but i haven’t actually seen any comments about her hair

  7. I read through the comments and I could not help but notice the shock of
    some of you regarding the hairy legs…Omg,come on! When it comes to
    shaving commercials people complain that it is not realistic because the
    lady is shaving her already shaved legs, and now people are awed by the
    hairy legs that are being waxed…

    1. she is probably a friend of hers that she asked to be in her video. so I am
      sure it isn’t some stranger. i hope….lol then it would be awkward.

  8. Waxing does not hurt as much as people think and say it is. Waxing lasts
    longer, you can’t cut yourself, and it will not scar. Shaving makes the
    hair grow back darker and coarse. Waxing makes the hair grow back lighter
    and thinner, and if you wax enough times, it won’t grow back at all.

  9. if ya’ll think that’s hairy? damn!! I think that’s stil okay, I mean, for
    waxing you have to let it grow longer…. hair after all is natural, and I
    admit, I don’t wax/shave every week! why? It’s winter (so I wear only long
    pants) and I’m single, as long as I maintain it and keep it clean, trimmed
    and stuff, that’s all alright….

    men have a lot of hair to, and many don’t wax that…so why should women do

    1. +Sadeenlicious Im a female and I was shaving my private area for years, and
      ofcourse the hair started growing back thicker so I stopped shaving and
      started trimming with small scissors as +Hermine H said just be careful
      dont cut yourself, but then I built my confidence and went to the salon to
      wax my whole private bit off, front and back. yes the pain was a killer but
      I was able to bear it, the front started to bleed a little and was
      sensitive for a day but after that it goes back to normal and the way it
      feels so clean and smooth makes you want to go back for waxing which I did,
      I went again but this time the pain was less. you get used to it and it
      leaves your private area smooth like a babies bum lol

    2. +Jeremy King hahah okay, didn’t know that about the smell….. LOL but okay
      XD good there are guys he prefer bit of hair….cause waxing all, litteraly
      all of it hurts pretty bad! + the ones who do that recommend not to, cause
      the skin is very thin….could really harm the skin

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Bikini Waxing for Beginners : Waxing Tips & Advice

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