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  1. Mùa hè này vừa bay vừa được sảng khoái với màn sexy dance thế này thì còn
    gì tuyệt vời bằng. Từ nay đi Sing thì chuyển qua book Vietjet Air luôn

    1. +Su Su Le mình cũng bay từ sài gòn ra hà nội vài lần mà có bao h gặp mấy em
      xinh tươi này đâu

  2. VietJet competes with human traffickers by forcing girls to dance on
    planes. You can’t take the pole dancer out of the Vietman girl, but you can
    place her on a VietJet… sorry, coach & business class passengers; lap
    dances & happy endings are for first class seating passenger only.

    The Middle East airlines had plans to role out their version; all clad
    dancers performing the dance of the 7 Veils… but sadly, trial runs of the
    flights; girls only get to two veils before the planes are hijacked by
    Islamic Extremists groups fighting over rights to enslave the girls for
    their own harems.

    America had similar plans, but the results ended miserably; American
    Airlines and United both hired ex-school lunch women and retired coffee
    shop waitresses to counter the coach on-flight rudeness of passengers…
    you can’t out argue an old truck stop waitress without getting coffee in
    you lap.

    Virgin Airlines thought they’d hire Britney Spears for some of their in
    flight entertainment, but the altitude kept Britney wanting to shave her
    head and smack passengers with food trays instead of dancing… Oops! I did
    it again.

  3. In the early days of aviation the flight attendants were there to provide
    eye candy for the business travelers
    Now the femininazis think that the flight attendants are supposed to be
    “respected” for handing you a fucking drink???
    No honey, you’re there for me to oogle you
    And if I want to ask a flight attendant out for a drink later followed by a
    shag then the dumb bimbo’s are supposed to gladly spread their thighs.
    So I fully applaud this airline for returning flight attendants back to
    what they were originally designed to be: play toys for wealthy business
    clientele like me

  4. Suavecito para abajo, suavecito para arriba, … Todas las mujeres lo
    bailan, todos los hombres lo bailan, todas las radios lo ponen, las
    discotecas lo ponen, … la inconfundible voz de KING AFRICA.

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