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  1. She’s nice! Her face looks good , lshe has lovely legs and back. Axis of
    improvement: she misses a bit of booty and her tits are thinner than her
    thong but the global is really nice, Bravo!

    1. No I’m not and I wouldn’t say anything negative if she didn’t have such a
      level; but to be just objective, if she had less tits’volume than the
      actual ones, she simply wouldn’t have tits. More worrying, my pecs are
      bigger than her tits though I’m not maxi bodybuilded; so for me that’s her
      axis of improvement added to a bit of booty missing, if she had a larger
      thong at 2.32, the lack would be more visible but once again, she’s a nice
      girl,I’m putting a thumb up and waiting for her number, Bravo!

  2. each month as she removes a tampon from the wrapper and it looks at her and
    realizes where it’s about to go it must think it just died and went to

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