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Hey Guys! In this video clip, I do a little street hypnotherapy session with a very cute volunteer. Not truly a whole lot in this, a couple of basic things however that's practically it. Enjoy!

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  1. Trying that freeze/time stop command out again would be cool, those can be
    pretty funny.

    1. Absolutely! That is actually one of my favorite suggestions to do. I do
      have a session already recorded where we did a good bit of freeplay but I’m
      waiting on a friend to get me the recording from his camera so I can have a
      different angle and an overall better vid (it’ll probably be out
      around September 1st). I will definitely do more freezeplay in the future,
      maybe even a vid devoted entirely to that one suggestion. Also, I have
      something fun in store for you around the same time to congratulate all the
      milestones that we have passed so far (i.e. 200 subs). I didn’t originally
      want to say anything yet, but I think that it is close enough that I can
      tell you that it involves Hypnosis AND Video Games…together.


  2. This was nice although it was a bit difficult to hear sometimes but you
    can’t control the wind. Anyway, I have a word of advice. Be careful how you
    name your videos. This title is similar to the style of another youtube
    hypnotist who doesn’t have a great reputation. You don’t want your work
    confused with his. Looking forward to more vids in the future!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I’ve never been good with names, I’ll keep that in mind.
      Which hypnotist are you talking about? I seriously have no idea who it
      could be.

  3. Great video. How do you approach these people in the street? Also, what
    type of place was this filmed at?

    1. +bigmanbill1000 Probably not since a mall is more public than like a
      club and such. I would just keep an eye out, make sure not to have subjects
      do anything to crazy like running around and whatnot. Always keep in mind
      the safety of the subject and the audience/passersbys.

    2. +bigmanbill1000 I’d say performance permit if its needed for the town where
      the plaza is located, if so get it, if not have at it.

  4. Hypnosis is real. It’s a half state of sleep where suggestibility is
    possible. If you say that hypnosis isn’t real, it’s cause you can’t be, or
    are not willing to be hypnotized.

  5. Hypnosis come from the Greek word Hypnos, It means to sleep, Trance is an
    altered state of awareness , in this state the Unconscious is very
    suseptible to change suggestions. If some one is doing DEMO, MAKE SURE THE

    1. I know the wind is bothersome. I just got a new camera that will allow me
      to use a lapel mic so I can minimize the interference. Until now, I was
      limited by my hardware. I was more willing to upload a windy video then no
      video at all.

  6. zemmy , I have hypnosis on my channel, you can look at my videos,I think
    you can find very interesting ;)

  7. Sooooooo what do you think this dude was ATTEMPTING to do? Why no just pull
    her arm up in the air and say see how high it moved? WTF…. this guy’s
    kidding himself thinking he knows what he’s doing… HE DOESN”T

    1. +Rick X I’m sorry, I don’t follow. You want me to just yank someone’s arm
      up and say “Wow look at that it moved so high”? What the heck would I get
      out of that? Would it tell me how well the person responds to suggestion?
      Would it tell me how will they exhibit hypnotic phenomena? No. I’ll gladly
      admit that this was a difficult subject, I had to do a very long deepener
      and was still only able to get lower level suggestions to stick. Also, yeah
      I was a bit worse at this time, I didn’t have near as much practice as I do
      now. But really, I’d LOVE to see YOU do better. (Yeah that’s a bit of
      sarcasm, BUT if you can actually do it, mad respect.)

  8. I hope this guy has a day job. Otherwise he’s just going to go deeper,
    deeper, deeper….

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Bikini Girl Hypnosis

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