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  1. there is tons of websites where babes are showing off that are many times
    better than youtube, i understand you all too lazy so ill tell you what i
    always use type this in your browser GIRLCM.COM There is new research
    showing that our creative potential increases with age. Our creativity is a
    product of our inner and outer experience, and as we get older, we have all
    kinds of experience to

  2. Finally, some near decent Filipina faces and not the orangutan-faced
    Filipina maids from Angeles City night clubs. Just FYI, other Asians and
    most young Americans do not go to AC because the dancers there are
    orangutan-faced maid materials recruited from the remotest provinces in the
    Visayas. We go to the clubs in Manila, Makati, and Quezon City for REAL
    Filipina beauties.

  3. I’ll tell you right now that 80% of those “REAL” filipina’s in the clubs
    around Manila are prostitutes. They come from high class KTV Bars, Go-Go
    bars and massage parlors after shifts are done. I bet your the guy that
    gets ALL the attention in the clubs!!!

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Bikini Contest at Mango’s Beach Bar and Restaurant

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