Bikini Brawl: Brutal Girls Fight along Saluda River, ‘Nauseating’ Beating Caught on Video

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COLUMBIA, SC It's a frightening, surprising video that the Columbia Police Department now says is evidence in an assault investigation. The victim endured a concussion and also busted nose.
CPD has actually now arrested and charged the 3 girls implicated of defeating the 20-year-old target.
Arlinda Craft, 18; Anns Leigh Hillside, 19; and Megan Williams, 20, are arresteded for second level attack and also battery by a crowd. On Monday, CPD announced 3 girls have been jailed for teaming up to strike a 20-year-old woman practically 2 weeks ago along the Saluda River near Candi Lane. VIDEO: Bikini-Clad Girls Duke it Out in Remarkable Beach Brawl, 3 Detained Brutal, 'offending' beating at riverbank caught on camera
The brutal video clip is practically nauseating to Ramy Williams, a buddy of the victim.

" One's kicking her, and also she's entirely helpless. It's just truly hard to enjoy," Williams stated. "The other one was just sobbing on her face, sobbing on her head, you recognize, on the back of her head. It definitely can have killed her."

A police record says the sufferer was lounging on the river with a co-worker when a crowd of women assaulted her. The report states one drew the victim by her hair prior to throwing her to the rocky ground. It states members of the mob slapped her, pinned her down, and repetitively beat her, while unidentified men videoed the assault.

"Seeing the consequences was just crazy: the way that she had blood around her face, 2 shiners, you could tell that she's entirely messed up in the face," Williams said.

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  1. The girls were going at it hard here it seems! But still very mild compared
    to some fights i have seen. In their bikinis i think the sun got to them
    too much that day. Probably great girls once you know them though. Ady
    Blake wants some too girls if your watching. Great stuff!

    1. +Jerry Cat yeah the trump jokes and stereotypes got old real fast . and
      before you call me a supporter , im voting for sanders . can you assholes
      stop making the rest of us look bad

  2. Lord of the Flies. Why young people are monsters without cultivating their
    morality, we are all a stable society away from being those girls.

  3. Sterilize these strumpets.

    You know they’ll just end up reproducing intellectually substandard,
    criminally inclined, aesthetically unappealing offspring.

    1. +Going Coastal
      You are a poet. look up don’t make the black kids angry. And comment on the
      real dindu nuffins, what mirror your comment.

  4. Hope that victim has hired a good civil lawyer; cause if she did, whatever
    property or money those girls have or will have, she will own part of it.

    1. +Jester2b04 Bleached blondes as their hair is probably brown or mousy. That
      type ages fast and gets fat in their 20’s.

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Bikini Brawl: Brutal Girls Fight along Saluda River, ‘Nauseating’ Beating Caught on Video

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