Bikini Body – Dawin ft. R City / Lia Kim & Koosung Jung Choreography

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Lia Kim and Koosung Jung educate choreography to Swimsuit Body by Dawin ft. R City.

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Comments 73

  1. Please create a choreography to my favourite song on youtube at the moment, it’s called: Benedict Ammann – The Rules
    I would soo love to see that please ❤️❤️
    Have a nice wednesday everyone! Love, Elena

    1. I’m a dancer myself and I think that’s truly a great song to dance to, thanks for the tip! 😀

  2. Lia is one of the most beautiful, talented, and passionate dancers in the world and y’all can fight me of that.

    1. +Arianne Callender she’s talking about the dancer not the choreo, of course we know koosung is amazing too haha. I consider Lia the best female dancer and kusoong the best male dancer <3

    2. macaargg
      Lia and Sori are a tie for me despite the fact that their styles are the complete opposites.

      And then yeah Koosung wins life.

  3. 3:17 I was hoping to see you again cutie. Omg, the boy is soo cute.
    also, the boy from the second group is MY ROLE MODEL OF SASS. I WANT TO BE SASSY AS HIM. GOSH HE KILLED THE DANCE.

    1. Ikrrr!! I was also looking forward to the guy at 3.17!! I literally keep replaying the TT choreo when he danced. (My english is bad)

    2. you have to check his ‘fame game’ choreo and ‘boys and girls’ in which he dances with his sister Yumeri, those vids are amazing 😀

  4. now that i have calm down from my eyegasm, i’d like to leave a proper review.

    first off, i realized this is the only dance channel i actively watch consistently. i used to just hop from channel to channel but with 1million, there’s so many diversity within their dance culture that it makes them fun to watch. also, they somehow make me feel like i’m actually there, especially when the crowd is so hype.

    but on another note, i really have been waiting on lia and koosung to collaborate. i’ve always favored koosung the most out of all the guy choreographers because there’s something about his dance style and sexy face that kept me attracted to him and i’ve always viewed lia as the most creative, diverse, and passionate dancer here. so to see these two collaborate together for the first time and be this dynamic duo i envisioned in my head just really made me happy. i’m also going to need it to be law that we see more collaborations of them. no joke.

    aside from all my LONG ranting, shoutout to the other groups. rikimaru is always adding fucking swagger to everything like chill tf out. you don’t need to annihilate us every time you bust a move. but shoutout to dude in the wavy bomber jacket that was snapping. loved it.

    i’m done.

  5. the second group’s man,your legs.. it’s a magic. by the way,this dance in your performance i like more than the choreographers

  6. Dear 1million’s staff who editting the video, please do not lower the background sound of screams or cheers from the students/people in the class.. It was one of the best part of the video & exciting to hear/watching..

  7. STOP THE F**KING WORLD Min Young was so asdkbsdjdskgsbjb and the second group the guy in the middle Holy crab… No way I need to now his name and if anyone knows His IG account

    1. Ziana I’m not sure if hes been in previous videos but the first one I saw Jacob in was the lia kim TT choreo video. i didn’t know his name then so I just called him the pink sweater guy lol

    2. +OffbeatEnmi some kind soul told me his ig. i found the video with him in the pink sweater, and he is doing the TT dance. I should have already known that, but i didn’t watched the whole video (only saw the beginning.. i feel ashamed).

    1. it should be more like excuse me editor ( because they get to end the dance at a certain time)

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Bikini Body – Dawin ft. R City / Lia Kim & Koosung Jung Choreography

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