Bikini Baristas: Coffee and Controversy in Washington State

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Chatting up your barista is commonly safe, particularly when it's with a home window. Nevertheless, in Washington state, a growing chain of topless drive-thru coffee shops have neighborhood communities steaming over greater than simply milk. Zagat visited Washington state to discover both sides of the concern. For more videos, register for Zagat's Youtube stations right here:

View: Rose city's Strip-Club Food –
See: Naked Sushi in Southern nevada –

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  1. Seriously though Zagat. That was incredibly refreshing to watch! You showed
    both sides of the story. The interviews where great and you let both sides
    say their piece without injecting biased. I wish media followed your

    1. +SupraDeluxx Ive been to Vegas and I don’t think you thought what I meant
      was understood. I gave no opinion on the shops. Only I enjoyed the un
      biased report that was given.

    2. +SoDak308 – Although Zagat took the time to get both sides, I do think this
      type of business model is pushing the envelope just abit too far..

  2. It often seems to be overweight women complaining the loudest when scantily
    clad women come into the picture. I think they’re less afraid of what their
    kids see than wondering how many times their husbands hit the drive

    1. +planesrift Well a lot of these shops are undercover brothels apparently
      after doing some nifty googling. Not sure about you, but that seems pretty

    1. +Paul Hillier – Not only did it “force” whale-mom to have a conversation
      with her kids, it also “forced” her to interject sex and prostitution that
      isn’t present.

  3. Jesus Christ… I’ve been to these coffee shops. They enjoy their job and
    you don’t have to go to that shop… Just fuuuuuuck off lol

  4. “Having..uh…frequented these..uh..a few…umm at least one time…to
    umm…see what the consumer was subjected to.”


    1. +Jtrain The good councilman seems to spend an inordinate amount of time in
      the men’s room after purchasing his coffee. HMMMMMM.

  5. “I think it would be better for the community” Says the pink jacketed
    fossil who perpetuates the shame of nudity. Aunt Sestor you and your kind
    are no longer needed.

  6. how is it the exploitation of women? they choose to work there, they can
    just get another job wtf as she said, not forced..

    1. +jigglymabob Exactly. Those who claim these women are being exploited are
      the real problem, because they only see women as victims. And that’s about
      as degrading as it gets.

  7. it’s funny when I look at the face of the older woman in purple I’m like
    these young people came up in one of the worst depressions since the great
    depression and they are making it work. leave em be.

  8. Lol, it wasn’t a problem that they were naked, I just had to talk to my
    kids and that’s a problem…

  9. and nobody bothers to mention that you dont HAVE to go to that coffee shop.
    you can go to another, there is no shortage of them in washington. no one
    is forcing the employees to do it, and no one is forcing YOU to go there. i
    think its awesome that the males are doing it, its kinda reassuring that
    people play ball in both courts.

    1. +urtubesucks Ahhh, yes. The “right not to see something”, immediately
      followed by that infectious Internet creation “I can’t un-see it”. Shows
      mental weakness.

    2. +urtubesucks Sorry but, kids should understand the basics about how some
      people like the figure of other sex or the same sex. That’s mainly cause we
      like pretty things…

    3. +ender25ish I think the point was they could be seen outside of the
      establishment. if you go in it’s on you, otherwise it’s on them. I don’t
      have kids, and I think kids should be taught about this type of stuff, but
      I also don’t know that that level of exposure is actually good for a kid.
      No matter, a parent should be able to make those choices. This type of
      establishment would possibly be better in a more enclosed environment.

  10. “I signed a prenup and I’m fat, so this is really not okay. It’s all about
    the children, though.”

  11. Ask the damn town to put tinted windows if it’s suck an issue. Don’t just
    say it’s for the kids. Educate your kids and say it’s an artistic coffee
    shop.. Nothing wrong with showing the human body.

    1. “Nothing wrong with showing the human body” Go back to fucking Tumblr if
      you really feel that way. In the REAL world we wear clothes. It’s called
      indecent exposure and you can get arrested for this garbage.

    2. +Shinji Kurosaki Judging by the fact that my grammar is ten times better
      than yours, I’ll take your supposed insult of me “*writing like a
      conservative” as a compliment, for one :^). Second, desperately boosting
      your coffee sales up by wearing almost nothing DOESN’T equal art, for the
      love of God. Art, if we’re reffering to nude bodies, would be something
      like “The Birth of Venus” by Sandro Botticelli where you can clearly see
      the attention to detail, anatomy and expression of those characters and not
      the ones shown in the video who only care for the quick buck that they
      receive off of uttermost morons like you. Tl,dr, you’re both ignorant and
      stupid (so as not to say worse) at the same time :^)).

    1. +ZAGAT – Then it isn’t truly “Topless Tuesday.” But we do appreciate you
      doing the hard work to bring us this story. I do wish you’d have spent more
      camera time on the lissome blonde’s lovely be-hind, but I’ll let it pass,
      as I’m not the editor.

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Bikini Baristas: Coffee and Controversy in Washington State

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