Bikini Barista Douses Flasher

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A strange case of public indecency at a drive-thru coffee stand left two bikini-clad baristas frightened. One poured steaming warm water on the flasher so he would certainly leave. KIRO 7's Kevin McCarty records.

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  1. get a new job then. your wearing nothing just to work at a drive thru
    window and you wonder why all the crazy ppl are showing up?

  2. Police agencies around Pierce County are seeing more and more incidents of
    indecent exposure? Like these girls here maybe? As my “handle” signifies
    I’m a nudist,but even I’m not surprised that this girl got confronted by
    the man (though the women’s underwear was a bit strange for a man). Bikinis
    in a drive thru window? I’d be uncomfortable with that myself. Hell I’m
    uncomfortable being around bikini’s anywhere. Put on appropriate clothing
    or go naked. 

  3. How would society react if we had barista bars where the only employees
    were very handsome chippendales type dancer men and they were wearing
    speedos and nothing else? Would we be outraged becuase the men are
    indecently dressed, or not surprised if they were confronted by
    unattractive women coming through the drive thru in bra and panties but
    nothing else? There are places for this kind of attire. A store is not one
    of them. 

  4. Typical, a woman suffers sexual abuse and your media blames the way that
    she dresses. Home of the free.

  5. She should have been fucking arrested. If this was a man that tossed
    boiling water on a person pulling up to the window all hell would break
    loose. Yea it’s sleezy and disgusting, but you don’t dump boiling water on
    customers because you think they are creepy.

  6. How their dressed has nothing to do with it just because they were wearing
    bikinis doesn’t give anybody the right to act like a pervert if it did then
    no girl would be safe on the beach they’re serving coffee in bikini if it’s
    done respectfully there’s nothing wrong with it the ones that take it over
    the line should be shut down but pro testing all of them is typical
    overkill set guidelines but don’t punish all of them and all of us with
    self c decides he’s going to go out his and whack is many

  7. Wack his mini pud for the world to C and I highly believe that most of the
    ones pro testing are either too old or too fat and are jealous

  8. When you dress the way you are or should I say aren’t then you best expect
    extra weirdos to come out the woodwork. Why there are bikini barista in the
    first place is beyond me. Need to get a decent job little mind set

    1. Who doesn’t use their body for a living?

      Because women get raped more than men (ignoring those in prison) it’s
      logical to say that they should expect it more being female, but that
      doesn’t mean that it’s deserved or in any way their fault or doing… The
      cop in the video even made sure to state that, but I guess it went over
      your head?

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Bikini Barista Douses Flasher

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