Bikini and topless waitresses

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: An additional campaign against females's skin. It looks like this summertime will certainly be hot, at the very least for women that will need to think twice before going to bare one more inch of their body. In this story some local homeowners are steaming with anger over half-naked baristas that offer coffee putting on bikinis or, sometimes, topless. The residents are requiring city leaders make it illegal for women to show so much skin, and also the city is seeking legal insight to place an end to the technique. Whole earth is going to Heck yet hey, bikini girls serving coffee are bigest risk for these rednecks

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  1. The people complaining about this aren’t Rednecks Their Prudes that no one
    would want to see naked. If these mothers don’t want their kids to see
    this, then they should never ever go to a beach or a pool. These
    complainers must take their showers with their clothes on and have no
    mirriors in their homes. HEY! Our Economy is going to Crap!! and your
    worried about some skin?? People get a clue!!!!

  2. I would much rather see a naked woman then someones brains blown out on TV.
    Blood and guts is all people want to see. Throats cut, brains splattered
    all over the place, people shot full of holes, People killing each other
    and that’s just the kids hour. What is our country doing to it’s self?

  3. @fatpizzaman Dude you have an obsession with America. I see your comments
    on every video involving america’s views towards nudity and sexuality. We
    are not oppressive. I’ve travelled all over Europe and cay that we
    American’s are probably the most sexualized country in the world. We are
    porn capital of the world and American women are known for being sluts and
    easy. We have legal prostitution in 3 states (Nevada. Puerto Rico, and
    Rhode Island) and many politicians want legalize it everywhere.

  4. @joeysmachine why shouldn’t I be interested in this? Insulting people and
    using expleitives anyway you can gets you nowhere, especially racist
    comments like that. If I want to comment on videos about oppressive
    American attitudes that is my business – we live in a democracy. Americans
    need to stop being so oppressive, racist, neurotic and arrogant and learn
    to chill out and relax. It’s not the end of the world if a woman goes
    topless in public.

  5. @joeysmachine Sorry i meant to leave that comment for fatpizzaman (the
    stupid brit) who comments on every american video involving topless. he is
    so obsessed with america’s views towards topless.

  6. our culture is stupid the eden was naked fat people ruined the freedom for

  7. @joeysmachine I’m not talking about American products but stupid American
    attitudes to the human body. Since when has a nude or semi-nude person ever
    caused the death of the institutionalisation of anybody? Never! People have
    the right to do what they want with their bodies and if they want to go
    around nude in public whether for work or leisure that is their business.

  8. Leave these girls alone and let them make a living and pay taxes. Great job
    girls. These girls are not on public assistance they are working fool.

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Bikini and topless waitresses

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