BBG Workout Week 1 Day 1

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Playlist 1. Week:
Music: Weitless – sonar world, Prophecy Of Devil, Blade Runner, Cheyennes Dreams, Its A Great Day – Piece
So many of you guys have actually been asking me about my instagram account so right here it is:
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Also, a lot of you have been asking just what do I eat and just what my diet plan looks like, so I've been dealing with it, and also a video will certainly be uploaded quickly!

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Comments 44

  1. I have been wanting to do this workout but kinda confused by just reading
    through the book. Thank you for making videos of this workout!! :D

  2. I’m dying just at watching her… I have problems at my knees due to an
    injury, I think it would be impossible for me to do this type of workout…
    Just at running my knee hurts a lot…

  3. I actually completed the 12 week program during the middle of last year and
    lost a lot of weight, now I am going to do it all again to tone up! However
    I was terrified to do it alone, so thankyou for posting these videos, I
    always think its best to do this program with a friend as this programs
    requires strong motivation.. I cried and nearly gave up so many times, but
    got through it in the end (and results were GREAT!). So wish me luck as
    this is the first day haha! :)

    1. Sorry lovely only just saw this comment! It’s perfect for any age. However
      make sure you eat enough, as this program is all high-intensity workouts
      (lots of calories will be burnt). Only do these workouts 3 times a week
      (Monday, Wednesday & Friday) and walks (LISS) in between those days. This
      program is mainly aimed for those who want to lose weight, so I am thinking
      as you just want to tone, maybe even just doing the 3 workouts and one walk
      a week. As I am worried it would be too much. I hope this helps 🙂

    2. Hey, would you recommend this for a 15 year old? I’m not fat neither
      extremely thin, I’m mainly looking for something that’ll give me a nice
      figure and make me slightly toned, not too much though as I am only 15. I
      also wouldn’t do it every day but would you recommend this or not?

    3. +Luniita hey! 🙂 That should be fine, no need for all the repetitions, as
      it works anyway! The program is designed for weight loss and from what you
      have said you obviously don’t need to lose weight. However, when I started
      I was wanting to lose weight (which I thankfully have :P), and there were
      times when I could only get through 1 1/2 times in the first 7 minute
      interval. So it really depends on how you feel, But definitely do it as
      it’s good for toning and maintaining fitness without a heap of exercise
      equipment 🙂 I hope this helps!

    4. +Bridget Trewartha I usually do body combat, but now I wanna to start this
      workout…I think, at less for me, it’s not really necessary doing all
      those repetition, because I work my legs all the time with body combat and
      also I walk a lot, but I think a little of this could helping me to get a
      legs and body stronger…I don’t wanna get so much muscle by the way..What
      do you think? any suggestion? thanks

    1. Agreed, hips are supposed to lower, not just back, and for the perfect
      squat her back should be at the same angle as her shins.

  4. After 1st Circuit: Oh my god! This will be really hard!
    After 2nd Circuit: I’m so tired! But I’m halfway through…
    After 3rd Circuit: I don’t think I will be able to do this.
    After 4th Circuit: I want to die!!! How can this be so hard?? I can’t
    freaking stand! Where is the shower??
    That’s how my first day went… tomorrow is my second day.

  5. I made it through except for that lat burped on the second circuit. I
    thought I was going to have a heart attack and die, but I made it. RIP
    self. Have fun walking tomorrow.

  6. do we do this everyday for 1 full week and then move on to week 2? can
    someone please tell me how this works, thanks!

    1. +Lilly Piorkowski The user has uploaded each day’s specific workout, so you
      don’t need the program. However, I’m sure that would work, if that’s what
      you’d prefer to do. The problem is that you’d only focus on one part of
      your body each week.

    2. +Brooke Gallagher Okay, thank you:) Since I don’t have the program, would
      it be okay to just do this workout everyday and then move on to the next
      week/video that she has for week 2? Would I get similar results in the end?
      I just can’t afford to buy the program so I’ve tried to look for something
      similar. Thanks for the confirmation though!

    3. No, there are different ones each day! They’re on this channe;. There’s
      three resistance training workouts per week (one like these), 2 HIIT
      workouts, and I think 6 or 7 40 minute LISS workouts.

  7. The first time I lasted 7 minutes, I tried again few days after and I
    lasted 10 minutes. Not gonna give up until I finish this fuc**ng workout !

  8. first of all: thanks for doing this! it’s great for people like me who got
    literally zero friends who want to work out, it’s like i have a training
    buddy now haha.
    second: never thought it’d be this f*ckin hard! i had to quit after 17
    minutes, i’m sitting here right now, sweating like a pig and i can’t feel
    my legs anymore.

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BBG Workout Week 1 Day 1

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