49 year old Farm Girl shaving with Oster A45 trimmer in bikini. Cute dog!

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Are you questioning exactly what's the most effective leaner for canine air? in this video clip, 49 years of age Farm Girl is demonstrating how she cuts (this is not a how-to) her pup using Oster A45 trimmer with a # 10 clipper. Farm Woman has adopted several pets from sanctuaries and this is exactly how she has actually utilized this leaner for pets for many years. She has never ever hurt among her pets. She is reducing her puppy Minnie's coat while using a white swimwear. This is not how groomers do this so go view a grooming video to find out;–RRB- This does not make the dog awkward and also she has done it for years in the summer. If skin shows up the pet could wear sunscreen. While this is not really a tutorial, it does show how easy and also regular it is cutting a canine.

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  1. As a veterinary technician that has shaved dogs for procedures and a
    bearded man that regularly uses clippers, the way shes holding and using
    those clippers made me cringe. That poor dog.

  2. That’s not how you hold/use the clipper. You should run the flat side down
    with the growth of the hair. You risk cutting the dogs skin using it teeth
    down like you are in the video.

  3. I find it difficult to believe that Farm Girl has not a clue as to the
    proper way to hold that trimmer. It’s okay if you want to do something for
    yourself, but when you post a video that “shows how easy and routine” a
    procedure is done – at the least show the proper way! That is absolutely
    the wrong way and perhaps Farm Girl may have gotten by without incident,
    but by telling the YouTube world this is how something should be done there
    is a risk that others may not be so lucky and seriously cut their pet and
    cause unnecessary bleeding and/or pain. Please post a follow up video after
    researching the proper way to hold those trimmers and let others know to
    avoid potential injury to their pets…

  4. It’s fun to watch you farm girl, you’re just so darn beautiful. Your flat,
    muscular abs are KILLER! Can’t wait for the mud wrestling video! ;)

  5. love all ur videos. would love to be able to buy one of ur swim suits to
    have.. srry if that sounds bad..get at me if there any pos. about this

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49 year old Farm Girl shaving with Oster A45 trimmer in bikini. Cute dog!

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