20 Things Fuckboys Say And What They Really Mean

Fuckboys are the kind of boys every girl has encountered at least once in her life. Nothing in this world is as distressing and nasty as dealing with a fuckboy. They start up a conversation so carefully that they dont leave any stone unturned so as to impress you and get into your life. Once they have the access to it, believe it, youre trapped and you have no way out. No matter how hard you try, youre not getting out that easy.

Neither are they going to respect you nor care about your feelings, theyll just want things to go their way and make you their puppet so you do as they want. Sometimes I feel they have some sort of special powers or the ability to perform black magic to cast a spell upon you so youre entangled for the rest of your life. They are not going to make you happy, theyre not going to let you move on, theyre not going to listen to anything youll say and will still make you want them LOL.

Anyhow, this blog is a compilation of my personal experiences and what all have I felt as Ive dealt with these deceptive assholes. Enjoy!

1. Lets chill in the car, its too hot/cold outside.

Translation: Im just desperate and wanting I only want to make out with you, we cant do that outside.

2. I wanna spend quality time with you, well go some place quiet and alone.

Translation:LOL, I am just finding a chill place where theres no one so we can make out in peace because obviously Im so desperate.

3. Night stay at hotel? Would be fun with no one around, well chill.

Translation:Hotels are the best place to make out so might as well fulfill my desires there.

4. Exchange pictures? You can trust me babe.

Translation:Its 2 am and Im clearly horny and desperate.

5. I love you but were not getting into a relationship just yet.

Translation: Lie,lie,lie. I obviously cant get my ass in trouble. If I get into a relationship with you I cant fuck around with rest of the 200 girls I just made fall in love with me.

6. Is your home empty? Well Netflix and chill.

Translation: Come over and fuck.

7. I respect my parents a lot, they mean the world to me.

Translation: I really dont care, gotta throw some mainstream shit to make you fall for me. I dont even pick their calls when Im out with friends even if they call me 20 times LOL.

8. *insults you* Im sorry baby I didnt mean that.

Translation: Totally meant that. Why would I care how you feel? Youll always be coming back to me, what have I to lose?

9. Im sorry, Im not able to give you time, Im busy with work/college/school. Hope youll understand.

Translation: Couldnt care less.

10. I have no clue about my career.

Translation: The fucks ambition? I just wanna fuck around my whole life, make bitches fall for me, fulfill my personal desires. I clearly have no clue about my career because I dont have any goals in my life except being a fuckboy. Thanks for the love and support though. Achieved a huge milestone.

11. Why do you want my phone? If you wanna make a call, lemme do it for you, sweetie.

Translation: Im obviously not handing you over my phone. Lets get it straight- you the dumb one not me. I dont want you to find my secret folders that have pictures of other lasses Im fucking around with or read their messages. I got this shit sorted. Giving you my phone is risky as hell as it could ruin everything. Cant afford to lose even one girl. Desperation runs in my blood.

12. Well meet soon, Im busy right now.

Translation: Aint hanging out unless I get some action.

13. Youre right baby. I was at fault. Im going to change and never repeating it again.

Translation: 2 days and Im making a comeback. Thats the most I can do lmao.

14. Ill quit smoking/drinking for you. Youre more important.

Translation: Not happening. Never happening.

15. My friends are my family. Theyre the best.

Translation: Just another breed of fuckboys.

16. Its okay dont send a picture/ Its okay dont give me a kiss/ Its okay dont hangout with me a night. Why would you wanna anyway? You dont trust me right?

Translation: Just going to make you feel guilty for not doing what I asked you to do and youll say yes in no time.

17. *fights*, *doesnt text back for 20 days*, *after 20 days* Im soo sorry, I miss you so much. I love you. Please come back?

Translation: Wow, that was a real nice 20-day break from one girl. Time to get back to business.

18. *replies after 7 hours/2 days while still active on other social sites* Im sorry I was busy.

Translation: No one disturb me until I complete my daily stalking session. It takes time you know.

19. *I type a long ass paragraph with lovey-dovey shit* *replies the same every time in one line* Aww thats so sweet/ Youre so cute/ I love you.

Translation: Aww you thought I cared because I get that shit like every other day lol.

20. I dont wanna meet your friends right now, Im very shy. Itll be awkward. Maybe some other time?

Translation: Your friends are gonna figure everything out and ruin it for me. Its better to stay away.

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20 Things Fuckboys Say And What They Really Mean

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