2 women in bikinis given body cavity searches on the side of Highway – “Up my private parts?!”

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BRAZORIA COUNTY, TX– 2 women had the within their crotches browsed on the side of the highway, thanks to the devoted enforcement of oppressive medicine restriction laws.

Policemans drew the women over for speeding on their method house from the coastline. Certainly, traffic quits are simply the reason an excellent enforcer needs to start fishing for reasons to throw people in cages.

After locating a small amount of forbidden plants in the car, police officers just weren't pleased. They desired more. Both ladies, dressed only in bikinis, were informed they were getting an inner body cavity search.

" Are you severe," Brandy Hamilton asked the cannon fodder.

" If you hid something in there, we're going to locate it," claimed the trooper.

" You're visiting go up my exclusive components ?!" Hamilton stated.

" Yes ma'am."

The females say that the very same glove was used to go against all their orifices.

There are truly no limitations for horror and also tyranny that are developed by the fascist Drug War that afflicts the nation.

Brandy Hamilton and also Alexandria Randle are taking legal action against the policemans included.


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Comments 36

  1. Female trooper was FIRED and the male trooper was suspended (with pay?).
    Both of the troopers should be in JAIL.
    It is either cooperate with this or DIE. When are we going to have enough?

    1. +Brenda Schouten-Beckett Sadly there is a double standard for law
      enforcement when it comes to breaking the law. While our tax dollars pay
      them for doing so.

    1. +Cori Turner
      He was a good ol’ boy with probable cause out for some humiliating fun at
      the side of the road, she was a minority (gender at least ) who forgot to
      change her gloves between penetrations and thrown under the bus by her
      dept. to deflect wrongdoing. I’m sure they get rid of diversity
      appointments on technicalities all the time after they are forced to hire
      Now the taxpayers get to pay for the compensation settlement and fund his

  2. but thank God they got that tiny amount of “dangerous” weed off the street
    though, right? the war on drugs is a wrong-headed failure that has ruined
    our criminal justice system. Wake up America!

    1. Caffeine and nicotine are both psychoactive drugs as well – they have a
      physiological effect on your body and mind as per your definition of a
      “drug”. That is a fact, not an opinion. Anyone who doesn’t think that
      alcohol is more harmful than pot is obviously biased and ignoring centuries
      of empirical and anecdotal evidence. Just in my personal career I have seen
      numerous cases of domestic and non-domestic violence (e.g. robberies, bar
      fights, etc.) and child abuse caused or exacerbated by alcohol. Does weed
      figure in some abuse cases? Certainly, but more so in terms of neglect and
      not actual violence. The only thing the vast majority of stoners murder or
      beat up is a bag of Cheetos. Physically, alcohol can cause great harm to
      your body – cirrhosis, alcohol poisoning, fetal alcohol syndrome, inter
      alia. Before you go and say something to the effect of weed being the cause
      of drug violence in regards to dealers fighting, bad drug deals, or
      whatever – that is entirely the fault of the prohibition on its’ use and
      sale which relegated its’ purveyance to criminal gangs and such. That is
      100% the fault of wrong-minded people who think (without evidentiary cause)
      that it is more harmful than the damn scotch they love to sit down with in
      the evenings and render themselves numb. Same exact thing as happened with
      Prohibition in the 20’s, which created the Mafia as we know it in the USA.

    2. +tnlaw2004 Weed is legal where I live. I’m not sure what caffeine and
      nicotine have to do with anything, and I strongly disagree that marijuana
      is less harmful than alcohol.

    3. +Carl Saberhagen and that includes caffeine, alcohol and nicotine – all of
      which BILLIONS of people around the world are addicted to/take every damn
      day. All 3 are also much more harmful than weed, both to the individual
      AND society – yet are perfectly legal.

    4. +SuperThunderBolt2™ Nice try, friend. A drug is any substance that produces
      a physiological effect when introduced into the body.

    5. Absolutely, I don’t know about anywhere else but magic mushrooms, which
      grow wild in UK are banned.
      As for weed, get some leaves,dry them, crumble them and make them into a
      tea. Good!

  3. America the land of the free ! where you get stopped and gang raped by
    Police under the law. No thank you very much, I will stay away from the US
    of A

  4. Police departments are receiving fucking TANKS right now, tanks that aren’t
    even useful in a WARZONE and yet are being bought by local police. Clearly
    enough is NEVER enough when it comes to American police.

    1. +TheRoomy Everyone is getting tanks. America giving them away to ISIS. Hell
      they will even come and service and polish them for ya!!


    They will come for those cops when the Revolution starts! This is predicted
    in “illuminati cards’.

  6. OK… Where to start… OK, I could possibly see one Barny Fife officer
    being bored, nothing better to do, thinking up a stupid idea like this. OK,
    fire him, move on. The disturbing thing is Barny Fife calls another officer
    to the scene who instead of saying, “Barny! Have you lost your damn mind!”
    Instead says, “Yeah, that’s a good idea, let me get my gloves!” I was a cop
    back in the 1980s and 90s. We NEVER did stupid stuff like this. If another
    officer ran an idea like this past me I would have smacked him! What’s
    wrong with these young cops? All this over marijuana! Bust her for the
    roach if you must and move on.

  7. Both troopers should have been fired and charged not only with civil rights
    violation but with a sex crime and forever registered as sex offenders.
    This is not natural or legal behavior.

    1. +Red Car Yes I know, the problem is only getting worse. Right now the
      police in White Salmon are not very happy because I busted their friends in
      the Sheriffs department and the last Judge due to June 9, 2009. Google
      (v-c)/c=2.48e-5 and you can read about it. My work in physics it taking off
      after a post I put up was filed as a support paper for Dr. M.A.Padmanabha
      Rao, PhD (A.I.I.M.S) to get a Noble Prize in Nuclear Physics. He’s with or
      was with the Defense Laboratory, Jodhpur, India. I tripped out when I found
      out… no one tells me anything;-)

    2. +Joel Arntsen Actually, that would be aggravated sexual assault because
      the troopers had guns. Should be life without parole. For ordinary
      citizens it would be. Cops are special.

    3. Assault with deadly weapon, breach of trust, sexual assault, buggery (if
      it’s anal), molestation, obstruction of justice. perverted creeps!

      TSA agents, policemen, judges, prosecutors, they have NAMES!!!!!

      USE THEM!!!! tell their names and where they LIVE!

  8. what’s even more outrageous is that the FEMALE cop was fired, and the male
    cop suspended, that is sexism right there, take nothing away from the fact
    that they were both doing something beyond beggars belief, just goes to
    show the ridiculousness of policing in the states……

  9. A female trooper searches a woman’s private parts and gets fired. But when
    a male trooper searches a woman’s private parts, he gets suspended and will
    come back when it’s over?

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2 women in bikinis given body cavity searches on the side of Highway – “Up my private parts?!”

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