10 Dangerous Remote Islands On Earth

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The most remote and also lethal islands that exist in the world
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In a world where every little thing seems to be online, recorded by google maps or watched by the various satellites up precede, it appears tough to think of that there still exist remote and hazardous areas where people don't take a trip to or live. Our earth seems to be obtaining smaller sized all the time however there remain plenty of locations which are just as untameable today as they were hundreds of years ago when people set out to check out the unknown. In addition to our minimal knowledge of just what exists at the end of our substantial seas, there are still more than a couple of islands spread about these large bodies of water which remain mysterious to us.
Of all the hazardous as well as remote areas in the world, islands stand apart many thanks to the truth they are not attached to any kind of substantial landmass. Moreover, in the great stretches of the Atlantic, Pacific as well as Indian Oceans, islands could be hundreds if not thousands of kilometers from the local population facility. Remote because they are so separated away from significant land masses, these islands are also dangerous for any individual going to or desiring to establish a house. Why? Some are only accessible by ship, implying in an emergency situation you are visiting need to wait a minimum of numerous days for aid. Other islands are the home of unsafe animals, energetic volcanoes or prone to awful climate. Finally, a few of these remote areas stay home to tribes of indigenous people who still exercise cannibalism or merely intend to be left alone.

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Bikini Atoll
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Nuku Hiva
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North Sentinel Island

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Comments 54

    1. +Jack Fishbaugh Hmm…maybe I should check “To kill a mockingbird”
      out…the title sounds interesting…or maybe it’s just because
      ‘mockingbird’ and ‘mockingjay’ are similar…lol XP

    2. +Book Lover I really enjoyed to kill a mocking bird, but I also love the
      hobbit and the Lord of the Rings. I’ve read the hunger games too, but not
      the maze runner. I’ve seen the movie tho xD. I also want to read gorge r r
      Martin’s “a song of fire and ice”, but it’s going to be tough with all my
      summer work and school work once summer ends.

    3. +Jack Fishbaugh (Oh haha XD), I like a lot…but mainly it’s The Hunger
      Games and The Maze Runner…but I’ve read most of the popular book series
      😛 You?

  1. The pictures of the tribesmen shooting arrows on planes are not from North
    sentinel island. They are from a tribe in the Amazon rainforest. This made
    me insecure of the correctness of the facts on this channel.

    1. they just needed a pucture because its hard to find real sentinelese
      pictures. they could have used photos of other jarawa tribes to seem more
      accurate but they chose not to.

  2. There are 4 type of cannibal tribes in the Andaman islands out of which the
    most dangerous are the sentinels. The island is their home and they protect
    it. They have poison in their saliva and they die if you give them cooked
    food. They are very rare and only about 200 of them live. You may think i
    am weird saying this but a tribe named Jarwa in the Andaman islands ( near
    sentinel island ) lost a lot of their people after tourists and government
    officials gave them tobacco and food as offering. A lot died and it was a
    tragedy. You may call them assholes or stuff but they don”t fall under the
    normal man category. Leave them in a city and they will die. So the Indian
    government takes measures to protect these 4 types of tribes. I hope you
    get the situation. :)

    1. I don’t know about the pain they went through and honestly I don’t care
      because nothing in the world ! And I mean f******* nothing in the world
      would ever explain any dirty act of cannibalism and again I really mean it
      nothing in this world would explain any dirty act of killing or cannibalism

    2. What a load of racist crap. None of the four Andaman tribes are Cannibals.
      The Great Andamanese number only about 35 members and have fully adopted
      traditional Indian clothing and culture. The remaining 100 Onge lived
      peacefully on their Island until it was invaded by 30,000 Indians in he
      1960s, turning it into a plantation, the Onge were banned from hunting and
      forced into camps. The 650 Jarawa are in danger from the Andaman trunk road
      which illegally cuts through their territory, there are reports the female
      tribe members have resorted to prostitution for tourists visiting Jarawa
      territory on “Human Safaris” on the illegal road, in turn for alcohol and
      tobacco, endangering the tribe via sexually transmitted diseases. Only the
      50 to 150 Sentinelese have escaped the dangers of the outside world, thus


      Stop Human Safaris:


  3. The photos at 5:37 and 5:54 are not of the North Sentinel Island, they are
    of a different tribe located in the Amazon.

  4. Hi, TheRichest… I think you mixed up pics of two different tribes as
    Sentinel Island… People who´s ‘attacked’ the helicopter are in the Amazon
    Forest… they´re isolated native people 🙂 The Brazilian Constitution
    recgonized their right of being isolated as much as they wish. At least
    theoretically :)

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10 Dangerous Remote Islands On Earth

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